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November 20, 2011

Fun in the Sun

It was fun! Thanks to Azie, who planned this trip splendidly :) I was in charge under the transportation committee, well sort of predictable there :p And so, at 7 a.m on 29the October 2011, I bade Mak goodbye and drove my way to Sunway to fetch Azie and to the office to fetch Haitham. Haitham came a bit late, and Azie was so pissed HAHAH! Around 0815, we started our journey to the Seremban rest area. We arrived there around 0845. Since it was 15 to 9, so I decided to buy some ice cream. Then, we found the others as well and continued our journey at 9.

The apartment was okay. We got it on the cheap, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a big living room summore. Enough for 11 of us :) After checking in at the apartment, we went to the beach to play some games. The first game was guarding a balloon with a partner with one of your legs tied with your partner's. I was paired with Ecah. Sadly, we lost early in both rounds HAHAH we often got down to the ground. Well, considering both were light-weights, so .... :p The second one was dodge ball! I got hit early in the game *oh no, I start to sound like a loser here*. So, I grabbed my camera and snapped away some pics.

We had a break around noon and grabbed our lunch at one of the stalls nearby. I asked the waiter whether they have Kuey Teow Kungfu or not. The dude was like couldn't take his eyes of the order and kept on writing. But I swear he nodded while he was writing. After some time, some of friends already finished eating but I still hadn't got my order yet! I asked the dude again whether they have it or not. He said no and I felt like screaming at his face cos I was damn hungry! I just stormed off to the Nasi Campur area and I saw the dude kept looking at me; feeling guilty prolly. wtf?

At 1430, we continued playing games by the beach. This time, we played tossing slippers and water-filled balloons. The team kept on failing to bring down the slippers *I'm stating to think I'm a jinx here*. After we finished with the balloons, we started to chase each other and threw the balloons. I aimed towards Bell, but she managed to dodge it! After that, we took a dip in the sea. We laughed, sang, splashed the salt water towards each other. God, when we were walking back to the shore, we had to step on the rocks. By golly, they were so sharp! I had a few bruises on my feet. Some of us got it really bad; had to dress the wounds. Luckily, I have some plasters ready in the bag. Handy, I know ;)) After dipping in the sea, we dived in the swimming pool at the hotel. It was so deep; the water was level with my neck. Most of my friends are petite, so they stayed at the side of the pool. Some of them were taking a dip in the kids' pool XDDD

Seronok gila!

After Maghrib, I went downstairs to prepare for the bbq. Luckily, I was early to set the place up. Then, came two guys claiming they had already booked the spot. But we got there first. So, we let them take the other side. As time went by, they outnumbered us and we were pushed to another spot. So, we transferred our things to another spot. Around 10 p.m., a family asked us whether we were done or not cos they already booked the place. Since we were done for the night, we packed up our things and put them upstairs. Then, we went to the public beach and played the Truth or Dare game. They didn't ask me much though; I don't really have skeletons in my closet. Around 1 a.m., we went back to the apartment to get some rest. Before going to sleep, we even had a little chit chat and laughed so much. The other girls were a bit scared; there was laughter and a few minutes later, silence fell. Pretty creepy HAHAH

The next day, even better! I didn't sleep after Subuh, so I took my camera to capture the scenery. Azie and Khai tagged along and we walked by the beach, enjoying the morning breeze wiping our faces softly. Around 9, some of the girls asked me whether I wanted to join them riding the banana boat or not. Of course I said yes! I stormed off upstairs, get changed, and got back to the beach with some money :p Nobody wanted to sit at the front, so I sat there. My clothes were wet cos I didn't dry them off yesterday after the dippings. The breeze really got me frozen on the boat; the dude was driving fast that I gripped tight of the handle. Then, the boat made a sharp turn; all right. 'Here we go'; we fell in the sea. Some of us got panicked. Our feet couldn't touch the ground. The dude told us to face the sea and pedal our way to the shore. I tried but I didn't move a single inch HAHAH so I decided to let the waves send me back to shore. Then, I saw some of the panic-stricken girls. I swam back to them, held their hand and told them to pedal. But I got separated from the pack after a few mins, then I felt someone grabbed my jacket. Bell helped me to get back to shore. She said cos I was too slow and felt like I was having a good time HAHAH

Around 12, we checked out from the apartment and made our way home. I stopped at Seremban rest area again for Zohor. I saw a familiar face in the crowd; it was my teacher! I waved at her and said hello. She asked me of my mom, what I'm doing these days, what about the other siblings and such. Well, that was the story of our trip to Port Dickson. So, what's next? :p

P/S: another point of view on the trip, can check it out here :D


After a few attempts to meet up, finally on the 8th of November 2011, we managed to have our little reunion at Dataran Shah Alam. Yes, I was the 'organizer'. A few days before, I already assigned who to bring what on that day. The girls would bring food while the guys bring the drinks and other stuff. At first, 10 of us would be there. But at the 11th hour, half of them couldn't make it so there were only 5 of us that day. Thanks for coming, guys! We had a little chat; as usual, 'buat apa sekarang', 'bila nak kawen' HAHAH!; reminiscing the matriculation days. I didn't know one of them worked just beside my dad's office. What a small world eh?

One of them told me that I look a bit chubby *imagine how skinny I was at 19 :p* and I was asked why I extended my studies *the dreaded question*. I told them I failed my proposal paper. Should look at their faces, pure shock! HAHAH Well, you can fail at some point of your life. I'm glad I have failed in the early stages of life rather than later in life, no? One of them asked jokingly whether I failed cos of dating life crisis or something. I smiled and I answered, 'Maybe'. Then, he asked me whether I'm still single or not, with a smirk on his face. I felt like punching his face or some sort at that time. That smirk was annoying to the core HAHAH at first, he couldn't accept my answer but then, I swear he was like having a second thought and he didn't argue after that.

Macam retis korang kan? HAHAH 

Next time, plan something better for the reunion. No, it's not gonna be me to plan again :p


Totally addicted to singing my heart out with some friends :) Sometimes, I brought my sister along cos she was starting to rot for being indoors too often XD Anyway, my sister recorded some of the songs which will never make it to the Net HAHAH! Well, we didn't exactly have the superstar voices to listen to, but when I watched those vids, it kind of brings back some memories; how you feel at that time, how terrible the way we belted them out, what brought us there and stuff.

October 1st, 2011

Novermber 12th, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates. Not that I've been busy these days, more like forgot to stick them posts up here =__=

September 27, 2011

Awana Domino Race

Yes, it was a race. But the race didn't take long but it got me stretched to my limit all right. Everything didn't come out right for me since Day 1. The night before the trip to Awana, I forgot to set my alarm clock a little bit earlier than every other day. I hopped out of bed after I heard Ila told me that it was already 6.30 am. 6.30!?! I promised my friends that I would meet them up at 6.15 grrrr~ at 7.10, I fetched my friends at Seksyen 7 while another group of friends had already started their journey cos I was so late. So I shot to Genting Sempah as fast as I could. The traffic in NKVE at the Shah Alam-Damansara was going to get congested, and that slowed me down a bit. Then, Khairul called me up when I reached Gombak. I started panicking. I couldn't drive 120 kmph cos the of the hilly roads. My car couldn't go that fast in that condition. By the time I reached the Genting Sempah rest area, it was already 8 am. Some of my friends brought some breakfast and helped themselves while waiting for me.

A few minutes later, we started climbing the steep road to Awana. My car kept making this constant noise. I tried lowering the gear, but the car made a roaring sound. So I changed it back, it still made some noise but better than the previous one. After enjoying the view and breeze on the hills, we finally arrived at the hotel. Yeay! The last time I was there, about 3 years ago, the parking lot was full. That day, there were not that many cars but still, the management closed the lowest parking floor errr

We gathered at the function room and there, we were divided into 3 groups; combining with another class as well. So I was in the Blue team; the first task was to find a dude who had our caps and shirts. Put on our shirts and ran straight away to the next task. We had to search for clues; like in the Amazing Race. Complete a task, you'll get the next clue. We had to cross a mine field three times, cross a crocodile pit (yes, I fell into the water twice) and played in mini indoor sports like archery, absailing, wall climbing and squash.

I didn't hit the target at all; I got stuck while coming down the wall in absailing, it was so embarrassing. You see, I have this tiny arms. So I had this major difficulties to push my weight up. Plus, I had to kneel on the wall to support my weight. My knees were swollen cos of that =_= I think I have a balancing problem; I tend to go to the right cos I swayed to the right twice in absailing and I climbed the wall to the right. The guys in my team laughed at me real hard cos of that. While climbing, again I had the trouble to push myself up. My arms were already at its limit but I had my friends counting on me to finish climbing on time, so I pushed myself up anyway. Oh there was only one thing I can be proud of, which is squash cos I managed to hit a balloon to fall heheh

Half of the day had already passed, my knees, arms and shoulders were killing me. We checked in to our rooms; I shared the same room with Ila. Maybe it's cos of our name order in the list. Maybe. We washed up ourselves and had our dinner. After dinner, we planned to take the cable car up to Genting. Another embarrassing thing happened. On the way to the cable car station, I got lost with the others, so I stayed by the roadside, waiting for the others to come. The engine was already emitted a bad smell, and then I thought the others wanted to stop for a while. So, I turned off the engine. Then, the others flicked their signals to start the journey again. I quickly turned on the ignition but the car wouldn't start. I started to get panic. I tried again; no luck. I stopped the others, and they got out of their car. The guys opened up the hood; the smell was quite strong. At that time, I thought I was so dead. My dad's gonna kill me for this. A few minutes later, I remembered that the gear could be the problem. I told them that could be the problem; they felt like hitting me one by one hahahah then, we made our move to the station.

Since it was dark in the night, I didn't feel the height that much except when it started elevating and descending. We didn't get to spend much time there cos the station would be closed at 11pm, so we snapped some piccies and boarded the cable car around 1045 pm. On the way home, some of us in the car shared some scary stories with each other. I didn't mind much about that cos I'm not weak-hearted :p The journey back didn't feel that long compared to the journey up. Strange.

Some of us :D

We got back to the hotel and took a rest for the next day. The next day was a bit torture to our emotions and tension. We had to assemble dominoes depicting the 5 key areas of competencies. As always, I would always get the hardest one. I got selected to the big group. When it's a big group, for sure bigger illustration, more dominoes. Bloody hell. I knocked over some of the dominoes 3 4 times. I managed to control my mouth from swearing cos I know that would affect the others' emotions and motivations as well. So I just laughed and let out a small cry when I knocked some of the dominoes down heheh at the end, we knocked more dominoes, so we didn't get to complete the illustration. We just covered the perimeters and let the fallen middle be. It took like what, 3 or 4 hours assembling the dominoes. All it took was a minute to knock them all down =_=

After putting the dominoes back in the tubs, we started our journey back home. One thing I've learned while going down the steep road; never to drive my car again there. I didn't have to touch my acceleration pedal, I had to brake all the way down. But still the car was going down to fast, that I almost hit my friend's car twice. Luckily there was no car on the right lane, so I quickly jumped off to the right lane so as not to hit my friend's car. I was shaken all day cos of that; then on Monday, I still felt a bit traumatic to drive but I had to drive anyway. Who else is gonna drive me to class then? =_=

Oh yes, the food. It was heaven; lots of delicious delicacies. I eat slowly so I couldn't eat much like I used to. But some of my friends who are even more thinner than me, eat more than me. The food was really good; sadly, I couldn't eat them all cos of the time constraint :p

Even though I felt embarrassed for 2 days, I still had a lot of fun there. And so, roll on to the next adventure! :D

September 26, 2011

Down South

Weird title. Prolly some people may think I actually want to say Down Under hahah no no no, I can't afford to go and 'wash my eyes' with some Aussies :p Anyway, on Sept 19, I finally got to drive outside Klang Valley for the first time, all the way to Melaka. Then, one of my friends took over till Pontian. Ila's brother was getting married that day and I was invited. My family couldn't make it, so I decided to go with the 8. Well, some of them. And so, I started fetching one by one at their respective homes after 8 a.m. Luckily for me, the traffic was good that morning. Around 11, we reached Melaka to fetch Naruto there. Then, around 11.20, we continued our journey to south heheh

Finally, at 1 p.m, we arrived at Pontian! So the next time around, I surely won't get lost while on the way to Ila's house :D Ila was surprised to see her dearie actually made it to the wedding cos he told her he didn't want to come just to play a prank on her *wei cepat kawen la oi hahah* In the first place, I was about to do the same to her but when I saw her in class on Monday, I couldn't help but tell her that I would be coming to the wedding. If I knew Haziq was gonna do the same thing, I would have made him my crime partner for that hahah

2 hours later after our arrival, the bride and groom finally arrived. A few minutes later, we headed back to Melaka to go beraya at Naruto's house. Just like some of us said, 'pegi Melaka 2 kali dalam masa sehari' XDDD He has a few kitties at home, and I got to play with them after not having a kitten under our roof since Raya last year :( His family served us I-dunno-what-noodle cos they claimed it's a new recipe but by golly, it was delicious! Since I thought I had to keep my eyes open for the journey back home, I didn't eat as much as I would. But in the end, one of my friends drove all the way back to KL.

On the way home, the thing I dreaded the most; traffic jam around Seremban and Senawang exit. My training classmates were also out to beraya in Seremban that day. They also got stuck in the same traffic jam XD I reached home at 11.10pm cos I got stuck in the Federal Highway =_=. Weird thing is I didn't feel sleepy at all that night.

Next year, Ila's eldest bro will be getting married. For sure she will invite us again. Let's do that again! :p

Ha yang dok menjemput tu bila pulak? :p

P/S: Eh makin lawa pulak gambar tu bila da edit :p

September 17, 2011


Last Saturday, I joined some of my schoolmates to go raya at our friends' and teachers' houses. I'm not sure whether I ate a lot or not that day cos when I reached home, my tummy was grumbling *as if I didn't eat anything at all that day =_=* At 8.50 a.m I've already waited at our 'gathering' point. Talk about getting too hyped up eh? I didn't snap any photos cos we already had so many photographers that day :p I only managed to join them to Meru, Kg Raja Uda, Kg Delek and Taman Cahaya Alam cos errr, some boundaries had been set for me, so I couldn't join to other places. Though, it was fun! I also made some new friends as well :D

crazy starians :p

This picture was stolen from Kaede's Facebook. You can check out her blog here :D

Then, the next day, some of the 8 came over to my house for raya. I hadn't seen them for weeks already, except Ila of course :p Hence, I invited them to come over ehe :D Oh and tomorrow, a new adventure with them *next post :D*

As one of them put it, 'Flyover Project committee' HAHAH

Come to think of it, I have a lot adventures lined up in my planner. But hey, life's an adventure, no?

P/S: I think I should mix around with people more so that I can build up my confidence. And some more reading as well. I haven't bought a book for years! =_=

August 21, 2011

Class Building? hahah

Couldn't come out with a better title. Excuse the pun. Anyway, last Thursday, after weeks of planning, finally, we've got to break fast together, with the whole class. Well, not all of them, a couple of them couldn't make it, but it's okay :D Ehem, for some people who actually wondered how on earth did I manage to convince my dad for this? It's cos I didn't eat much cos of PMS and I managed to reach home at 8.30 pm. If I ate with my normal tempo, bet I would be home by 11 pm prolly. Well, that's if I'm lucky. Aaaanywayyyy, some of the girls already made a reservation at Molek Restaurant Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. Hey, am I still in the Pusat Komersial area even after I've graduated? HAHAH

And so, after class, I went home first along with Ila cos she wanted to eat some gimbal and the Makcik Su's currypuffs. We didn't pay like the rest of the class cos we're broke for the month. I don't know about Ila but I only have 9 dollars for the month till this 25th *suddenly I feel like cursing. I need my bloody salary!*. Which reminds me, I've yet to pay Ila for my Milo Ais =_=

Back to the topic, I was a bit shocked to see the guys eat. Maybe I wasn't used to seeing other people break fast. My family only eat some kuihs and murtabaks so to watch them eat with rice and all, it was like a feast! If it wasn't in the fasting month, for sure I could eat till there was no leftovers. But hey, it's too early for me to let out my big-of-a-tank appetite in front of them. Not yet hahah!

Still I had a great time with them. I'm not much of a talker, so I just listened to their jokes and laughter. At that time, suddenly I remembered the 8. After class, gone to lunch/dinner/both like that. Oh how I miss those days =_=

So thanks to my classmates for planning the break fasting feast. I really had a great time. So what's next? :p

July 31, 2011

Pet Expo

On 3rd till 5th June, a pet expo was held at Midvalley. During the week, I didn't plan to go there cos I had a few things to be done on that weekend. Suddenly, on Sunday, all plans had changed! I was supposed to go to Seremban with my family to visit my father's friend there but something came up and my dad had to cancel the plan. When my dad told me the plan was canceled, I asked him straight away, 'can I go to the pet expo at Mid?' with a big grin on my face. My parents told me to bring the siblings along but at the end of the day, I only brought the sister along cos well, it's too complicated to explain about the boys so I'll leave it at that.

And so, there we were, boarding the train all the way to KL. We were in the middle coach aka the ladies' coach. At Shah Alam, there were some foreign guys boarding the same coach. I said to Nabilah, 'can't these people read?'. They stood just right next to us, and then we got squeezed to the wall (wall is it? hahah!). My nose is very sensitive, so when they were aboard, I could've sworn my nose sniffed some odour but I ignored it. But after we got squeezed in, the foul smell got stronger and stronger. I could barely breathe and I said to myself that we had still a long way to go, about 40 mins to arrive KL Sentral. How was I going to get through the long 40 mins? Alhamdulillah their stop was in Subang and everyone in the train was relieved haha!

A few stops later, there were Chinese tourists, if I'm not mistaken, boarding the train. Some of them are guys. This all happened in the ladies' coach. Since they didn't know about the middle coach thingy, it was fine by me. One of them realized that everyone in the coach was female, so he asked us, 'Is the coach only for ladies?'. We smiled and nodded. He apologized for it, a nice fella. Apologies are hard to come by these days. The other passengers giggled after he apologized.

Finally, we had arrived to our destination! I only looked forward to seeing cats. Anything else is a bonus :p There were lots of fluffy animals. Actually, I fancy dogs too. The dogs there were like the stuffed ones. Their coats were perfectly groomed, oh by the way, pets are allowed in this area. So the place was full with pet owners and well, their pets. We had to watch our step so as not to accidentally kick or step on them. Kang tak pasal-pasal pulak terkena anjing. Leceh, leceh

What about the cats, you ask? There was sort of a cat competition at that time. The judges were looking and checking the cats. There was this one huge cat. It had features like a lion, we called it Aslan haha! I think that could prolly be a Norwegian Forest cat but I've never seen it before in real life so I could be wrong. Some of the cats looked terrified (understandable cos Chip is also afraid of strangers. She usually runs at the sight of guests, hiding upstairs. Cute, right? :p). Some of them looked sleepy (I call them lazy cats, like Kiddy :( ), and some of them were a bit defensive as well.

The Aslan :D

The 'teddy' dog

Snakes, rabbits, geckos, hamsters, birds, sugar gliders; you name it. There were also some reps from the animal shelters. The only shelter I know is SPCA. I've never heard much about others before. A huge dog collected the donations (sort of) but poor the dog. It only sat and didn't move at all. It looked as if it lost the hind legs (or the front legs, I can't remember) but the eyes looked so sad. Suddenly I remember Hero the cat, which was found without its front legs by someone with a big heart. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY FOR GOD'S SAKE!

We walked around the expo for about an hour. The entrance ticket was funny though; like the one you wear around your wrist before you enter Wet World haha! Afterwards, we went 'lepak' for a while and both of us managed to reach home before 7 pm :p

The companions for the day :D

P/S: Kiddy, where are you? It's been almost a year since you've gone :'(

P/P/S: Happy fasting everyone!

July 17, 2011

Graduation Day

2 months late, yeah, yeah. Last May, finally, finally..... we've graduated HAHAH! Months before May, the mummy already asked me what I wanted to wear on my graduation day. Errr, a week before the day, we looked for one cos I hadn't had a single idea what to wear. Stuck between brown or purple kebaya, the purple looked like UiTM purple. So had to throw the idea out the window and chose brown instead. The mummy and I each paid half for the baju. The mummy said she could wear it sometime. A few days after the graduation day, she wore it to school alright XD

2 days before the big day, we all had this photoshoot around the campus cos we anticipated that on the big day, we might not have the time to take photos cos everyone would be busy with their family and stuff. It turned out to be a good move. Under the blazing sun, draped in our thick robes, we put on a smile for the camera. Afterwards, I took some of the friends and the sister out for lunch. The bill was on me, btw :p

The mummy and the daddy :D

Poor the mummy had to walk for miles cos the daddy thought he parked somewhere near the big hall. Later that day, they parked somewhere nearer to the hall cos they went out early to fetch the sister from college.

Oh not forgetting, the mummy told me when I walked on that stage, I looked like a gangster in high heels walking towards the Pro-Chancellor HAHAH! Sorry for my lack of feminine genes =_= XDDD

And these kids too. They waited for hours outside in the heat, along with the parents while me and the friends in the hall were like "When is this gonna be over?" haha! Afterwards, again I brought them to have dinner in Laman Seri. Since I was touched cos of their presence on that day, so I told them not to spend a dime for the dinner :p *Oh dear, I kept mocking my mom for her love to feed people. Apparently, I'm taking that after her haha! It's a nice feeling what to see their happy faces just by paying for their food. Am I right or am I right?*

Any plans for furthering my studies? No, I'm thesisophobia :p

June 29, 2011

Hari Belia

Yes, it was moons ago but what the hey. I didn't plan to go to Hari Belia at all in the first place. The story went like this; one of the besties texted me (like every other day) and she told me that she was going to take part in a marathon. Since she likes physical activities, so no wonder why she wanted to take part in it. She told me that her cousin asked her to join and there was an extra shirt for the marathon. So I thought that the extra shirt was for her. The day before the marathon, I found out that the extra shirt was actually for me. Oh no! I haven't run in 5 years. And she expected me to run for 5 km. Err, I still can sprint but for a long distance run, oh dear. No. NO. NOOOOO!!!!

The night before the marathon, I stayed at her house cos we had to be in Putrajaya before 730 am. At 6, we were already up. Before we left the house, we've had breakfast in the form of nagging from her father. He was worried cos we didn't even train to run for 5km. She told her father not to worry cos we were in it to have fun, to enjoy ourselves. Not in it to win it at all. But the funny thing is, we arrived in Putrajaya 15 to 8. HAHAH! We had to find the marathon camp, it might take a few mins. We couldn't make it on time. So we thought hard whether to join the run or not. At last, we decided to change and we headed to Sunway Pyramid to sing our hearts out. While trying to get out of Putrajaya, man it was chaos. The other side of the road was closed. So the opposite traffic was also on the left side of the road. The traffic wasn't aware of it so both traffic was stuck. And the roads were closed here and there. We got lost and the next thing we knew we were driving in circles. Finally, we were out of Putrajaya and shot straight to Sunwayyyy~

When we reached home, we admitted shamelessly that we didn't run even a single inch that day haha! So the moral of the story is 'jangan nak beriye sangat' XDDDD

June 8, 2011

Movie Marathon

This post should be up a month ago but what the hey. I didn't feel like updating last month. Please don't ask me why haha!

On May 7 (yes, last month, see?), my friends and I went to see Fast Five and Thor consecutively. Luckily for me, the second movie started right away after the first one. So I got to watch both movies :D Which reminds me I need to pay back my friend for that day's expenses =_=

While I was on my way home, suddenly there was this very bad crawl at Sungai Rasau Toll. It was already late, the daddy at home nagged at the sister due to me not reaching home yet at 7 pm =_= It turned out there was a road block. It was chaos. Lucky for me, the daddy didn't say anything about it after I reached home :D

And on to the next adventure!

May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ila

I can still remember the day when we celebrated her birthday last year. It feels as if it was just yesterday. I was quite envious at that time actually cos I have never ever celebrated my birthday with my friends =_= *trying not to take the shine off the birthday girl haha!*

This year, she's quite far away cos of her job. I think her job is quite cool. You never know where you'll be working for a few weeks and some other weeks in somewhere else. Don't have to sit and stuck at one place the whole time. Or maybe cos I need a vacation haha! *merepek lagi*

And so, happy birthday Ila. Kek tu kalau ade, passing2 la sini sikit (ayat mintak bebel dari Ila HAHA). One thing I miss the most is to hear her nags though. You don't want to be in the middle of it haha! *argh mepek lagi*

Present? Jangan tanye. Gaji tak masuk lagi (as at the time of posting) :D Once again, happy birthday and have a blast! :)

May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Aini

Ada la orang tu, dia tak puas hati sebab masa birthday dia, dia tak dapat free call dari Maxis. Tapi secara logiknya, patutnya orang lain la yang kena call birthday girl kan. Bukannya birthday girl yang calling2 orang. Tapi takpe, saya rasa sebenarnya dia nak cakap dengan 'sorang' ni je hahah!

One of my friends that I share joy and pain together; finally she has a job after feeling down seeing other friends already landed themselves a job. Even though she loves her job as a teacher, she didn't continue to be in the profession and chose to brave her way in the IT field. She's one little viking (I'm prolly over the top on this one but heck haha!) I personally think her training is quite cool and it reminds me of those school days, dunno why haha! She lives not that far away from me but not that I can see her often =_= but never mind, this 18th we surely will! :) And take lots of piccies too XD

May you have a good year till the next birthday and all the best in your training! :D Not good in programming? So what? That's what training is for, silly :p

P/S: Rindu nak karok dengan korang. Bila la nak dapat peluang tu agaknya ye? T_T

P/P/S: Rojak pulak post kali ni. Maaf la ye haha!

P/P/P/S: (Berapa banyak daaa?) Tak dapat nak celebrate birthday korang tahun ni dengan menembak2 korang macam tahun lepas. Dengar korang terjerit kecik kena tembak punya pasal. Senapang air tu masih boleh digunakan ye haha!

April 26, 2011

In the Rain

When it comes to rain, a few things come to mind like sleeping, a wonderful time to snooze and curl up in your bed, cover yourself in the blankets; get wet, cos most of us don't really fancy bringing an umbrella here and there; cold, yeah, the weather that I enjoy the most cos there's no winter here and I hate to be in the hot weather. But I like hot guys HAHA! Anyyywayyy, most of us love to be indoors rather than outdoors in the rainy season.

Bearing in mind that it always rains in the evening, I came up with an idea to have a picnic cos I hadn't got the chance to hang out with the retards; all of them! Yes, all 8 of us made it! Yeay! But I forgot to ask my photographer to snap a pic of 8 of us. I don't want the photoshopped one, I want a real one! But ah well, missed it~

First, I made a list of what to bring for the picnic and then, assigned who to bring what. On Saturday, me and my mom looked up in her recipe book of what ingredients to buy for the menu. In the end, we were meddling with the recipe a bit. On Sunday morning, while I was busy cooking, suddenly I remembered that I didn't buy any button mushrooms. So, turned off the stove, started the engine and off to the nearby shop. There was this one car, I saw a toddler left with a kid like 8 or 9 years old maybe, alone in the car, while their father was in the shop. I was like 'Oi, taktau bahaye ke biar anak kau cam tu!?!'

It was almost 4, we gathered at the Dataran Shah Alam for the picnic. But there were signs that the rain was about to fall. So, we picked a good spot for the picnic; on a stage haha! While eating, it was raining heavily. The lightning struck here and there, with thunder screaming across a Sunday sky. The wind blew so strong that we had to hold our plates and cups tightly haha! Water dripping from the roof, fell on some of us that we had to scoot a bit. Filled up our tummy, then one of us came up with a crazy idea to go karaoke. But to go on with the idea was a completely waste of money cos we got an hour or so for it, so we changed plans to go bowling. I didn't know they canceled the plan and went straight back home. I didn't tell them that I wanted to come along and watch for a few mins before heading home. So, they didn't tell me the plan was canceled. Then, there I was waiting in the rain at Sek18 for the others to arrive. I called one of them, and she told me she was home already. HAHA! Embarrassing but hilarious.

The most important thing was it felt like the good old times. Eating together, laughing at and teasing each other, ahhh~ and now, one of us came up with the idea of oops, not gonna tell ya muahaha!

April 20, 2011

4 Crazy Days

Last Saturday, I went to Berjaya Times Square with Man, Teha and lil Aina, Teha's niece. The original plan was to go there by taking a train from Kelana Jaya. Suddenly, the Federal Highway was congested. So I told Teha to take the Subang exit. SInce we couldn't reach Kelana Jaya, Teha decided to drive all the way to KL. Since my companions know nuts about roads to KL, so I told her to take Damansara exit. By golly, it was congested also! So while we were stuck there, we joked around. We spent more than an hour on the road, just to reach KL. So, the objective was for Teha to buy a birthday present for a kid next door. Man and I were just tagging along. Then, suddenly I found a cute shirt and a tie. So I bought them cos they were quite cheap. That was my first shopping using my own hard-earned money ehe

On the way home, I told Teha that I would drive while she and Man could come up with a place to eat. I drove all the way to Setia Alam, had some pizza, poked fun at Man for laying his eyes on a waitress there (still going on about it now haha!). The only disappointment was I didn't make it to meet some of the retards, mainly cos I'm not allowed to go out with friends at night. But it's okay. Next time yeah

Then, on Sunday, around 2 pm, me and my sister were ready to attend a wedding. But the daddy was still busy fixing the computer for our relatives (let's stick to that, it's quite complicated). He said we'd go after 7, but he was still not done with the fixing. At 9 pm, he drove like a madman, speeding all the way to Hulu Langat. He blamed me for messing up with the kickoff time for Arsenal v Liverpool match. I told him it was at 12 am but when I told him it was actually on at 11, he didn't hear and there you go. War of words blergh~ Surprisingly, we only missed the first 4 mins of the game, so he was cool with it. No longer bringing the issue up ever again.

On Monday, the boss told me that I had received my last month's salary. Weeee~ suddenly, I came up with a crazy idea to find a new shirt to wear for work. So I asked Fariz to accompany me that evening. I didn't buy any clothes though, cos I found something I've been looking for a long, long time. Since I need to plan ahead financially, I decided not to buy any clothes for the time being.

Then, on Tuesday, Teha asked me to go shopping with her cos she wasn't quite comfortable having Man around while shopping. So, after work, we parked somewhere around Kerinchi Station, and took a train to Bukit Bintang, no actually two trains but anyway, it was a bit tiring cos I didn't eat any lunch, no I didn't eat since Monday night actually. Wow almost 24 hours. Don't try this at home kids :p

Not just weekends, the Weekenders are active at times on weekdays. Should I call them the Weekdayers then? It sounds kinda douchy so better stick to Weekenders only haha! I need to finish off my work for now. Till the weekend then :p

April 10, 2011


The adventures of the Weekenders continued with a trip down to KLCC, thanks to Fariz for invinting me and Cikin as his err, companions for the day haha! Anyway, we started our adventure for the day with lunch at the San Francisco Steak House. This is the first time for me and Cikin to eat at a place like that so we were quite shy at first. There were lots of food served for us including salad which we didn't touch at all cos we both don't eat veggies. Not that I don't like to eat them, but if I were given a choice between to eat or not to eat, I would prefer not to eat. However, if the veggies are already on my plate, I would finish them without hesitation if I feel like it haha!

And then, there were some small pieces of chicken dipped in a little bit of sauce, oh yeah. That was good. Also the grilled beef (probably, I can only remember it was beef haha!). The gravy was yummy! Really enjoyed that one. Hence, explaining why I still managed to shove some more down my throat. I felt a little embarrassed when I saw that we were the only group left there, still eating all the food. But then, Fariz was still busy eating so it didn't feel so bad haha! So people, if you want to bring someone to a buffet, I'm your man (or girl) haha!

Next, after filling up the tummy, we watched an orchestra. I've always watched my sister playing the piano and even though she's not an expert, I still enjoyed listening to it. I was flabbergasted watching the show, especially the Typewriter one. There was this guy in the F1 driver's suit claiming he is Schumi who tapped the typewriter in harmony. I was in awe at that time. But there were also vacuum cleaners among the instruments, but I wasn't impressed much by that. But that typewriter sounded really, really nice.

A snap as always :p

Once again, thanks to Fariz for saving my weekend from sitting at home again this week due to me being so skint for the second weekend in a row haha!

Next week, even better! Stay tuned~

April 2, 2011


One of the besties joined a contest some time ago and today, she told me she won the contest! I personally like her post though (might be a bit biased here, okay not just a bit, by this bucket load *hand gestures* haha!) You can check out her post here. The reason why I was so excited when she told me not just cos I was happy for her, also cos the post was about us nine at that time (errr). Anyhoo, I haven't seen some of them for a long time and reading her post really made me missing them even more! hoho~ tahniah la ye cik aini :D

Notice I've renamed this blog? The posts were mostly on where I've gone to recently so I came up with another catchy name, well at least for me it's quite catchy, no? haha! I've also been thinking to renovate the blog for weeks (grrr~) but but but I haven't got the slightest idea yet. I've thought about using AJAX cos I think it's quite cool but I don't think Blogger has the feature just yet. What a letdown. Think I'll start with the header first. One step at a time, no?

Ah this weekend, I have nothing going on cos mainly I don't have much money on me. Besides, I've been feeling under the weather since last Thursday. Hopefully, I will feel better before Monday. I hate to go down with a fever. Sleeping all the time, taking meds, so not cool. The last time I had fever was last January and that time, I didn't even lay in my bed. In fact, I went all the way to Shah Alam under those circumstances just to watch the guys play futsal haha!

But next weekend, definitely the Weekenders have something to do haha! Take care, people! :)

P?S: Sesuka hati je nak kasi nama2 kat diorang ni. Retards la, Weekenders la, tapi lagi sedap dari retards tu la kan haha! :p

March 29, 2011

ICT Carnival

Last Saturday, I went to the ICT Carnival at the faculty which was organized by the master students who happen to be my course mates. The last time I was there was on 29th November last year (oh my god, I even remember the date XD).

To show some support for them, I went there and took part in the quiz. I teamed up with my sister for the quiz. The night before the quiz, she even took the trouble to study while I was dozing off already at that time. She said the prize was so tempting, so she was so motivated to study (tak penah tengok kau cam tu lah XD).

At first, I thought I only had to answer some questions but actually, we had to play a few mini games before answering the quiz. The word search was the only game we managed to finish in time. The other 3, well, it was quite funny. We were so close to finishing them but I guess we were too nervous or something, so we always missed the last part to finish the games off hahaha!

Still, it was quite fun. There weren't too many people present that day to the extent that the lucky draw had all numbers to be drawn for the second time! And yes, I was quite lucky that day, unlike other times. My number was drawn twice; something that doesn't happen on every other day in my life hahah!

*curi gamba fariz haha*

My friends won the 1st place while my sister and I settled as the runners-up, thanks to one of the organizers XD

After the event, we headed to grab something to eat (as always haha!) Since I've been trying to gather everyone for weeks but still no avail, so I decided to have the bills on me that day and the others for some other time. Although there were only like 5 of us, but it still felt like the old days. Oh how I miss those studying days (except when I failed my proposal and had to extend my studies, grrr~). Last week, one of us had this one idea to spend our weekends (sealed my lips on the matter for now). It was a good idea yeah. Looking forward to it very, very much XD That pretty much summed up my weekend last week. Next week? Who knows? XD

P/S: Found out my graduation day will be on Wednesday, EVENING! Gosh, I hate to take the trouble to apply a day off from work for that. Why didn't we get to have it on the weekend, like in the previous semester? Tough luck, I say ahaha everyone's been telling me to find fancy clothing for that day but I don't really understand the definition of 'fancy' in this context. Ah well

March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Teha

A year older but her response was like 'so what?' XD

A gossip partner (I have another one by the way in the form of Put XP) who I can rely on always on anytime of the day, of the week. She will always be there. In fact, she's like a part of my family already.

She loves to tease me whenever I wear something that I usually didn't wear a few years ago. Despite her teasing, she had always been supportive of me in giving opinions of my appearance and a lot of things as well (oops takleh gitau la kan haha!)

Although we always enjoyed ourselves and had a good time together, we happen to be fighting a lot, though not all the time. Usually big fights will take place once in a year so hopefully it stays that way forever XD

But those fights really brought us together closer. Small fights happen almost every now and then haha! Recent ones would be I kept nagging her about her addiction to shopping. Her wardrobe is going to blast out all her clothes and still, she wants to buy some more even though she has some more clothes in there that she hasn't worn yet. Duhh~

We went through a lot last year, so hopefully this year will be better. Wait a second, had we ever have a good year anyway haha!

March 20, 2011


Yesterday, I brought the lil bro along with my friends to watch the hot air balloons. We didn't know that the balloons have their schedules. So by the time we got there, there was no balloon sighted! I was so disappointed but then, we bumped into Lord Vader himself which lessen the disappointment :p

Then, we went somewhere else to grab our lunch cos too many people were present. As always, I ate too much that I could hardly walk. Come to think about it, it felt like I drove more than 100km just to grab something to eat rather than to watch the balloons. Pfftt~ haha! It was fun despite the absence of the balloons.

While I was on my way home, I received a call from a relative, telling me that they wanted to come over. We took them out to have dinner and once again, I finished all the food, well not all, but almost :p Now that I'm bloated, I feel like sleeping right now XDDDD

March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Fariz

I still remember the very first time I've spoken to him. We were on the phone, talking about a certain seminar. It went a little like this:

Me: Fariz, korang takyah amek la penceramah tu. Kite leh tolong amek.
Fariz: Kite!?!
Me: Ye, kite amek. Korang takyah amek.
Fariz: Kite!?!

Haha! That was 3 years ago though. Present day, still talking to him haha! Even better, he listens when I talk crap all the time. Plus, he's the easiest one for me to ask to hang out which is quite cool.

Tomorrow onwards, surely more people will say you look older than your age? :p

So, happy birthday. Hopefully you'll have a blast this year (and get a girlfriend soon :p just kidding!). Got no present for you but I have food to offer you this weekend haha! See you this weekend then.

nape rase cam gambar ni da berkurun lamanye XD

March 7, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

Last month, I went to the Touch n Go counter to top up as always. Then, the lady at the counter asked me about the real card holder cos she thought I came to top up on behalf of my parents haha!

Then, a few days later, I went to the bank to open an account. Since there was a slight problem with my ic, the bank officer listed out the documents I need to bring in the following week to open an account. She checked the list and asked me whether I'm under-aged or not cos the documents are mostly in possession of someone who is not under-aged haha!

The following week I came back to the bank. This time around, I was entertained by another bank officer. While she was processing my application, she asked me of my age. I know what was on her mind and smiled at her haha!

There was once while we were buying our groceries, my mom bumped into one of her new colleagues. Her colleague asked me where I'm currently studying at haha! As usual, the mummy will say that we're sisters and she is the younger one haha! Yesterday, we bumped into another colleague of hers almost at the same spot. Saw me and told the mummy that that kid (that's me) looked similar to my mom. My mom said 'ah, that's my eldest'. Her friend asked 'Oh, tingkatan berapa ni?' hahahaha! The mummy was bursting with laughter and told her that I've already finished my studies. She was shocked and said I look tiny. Err, I have no idea why I failed to be a little bit muscular. I already ate a lot though, but no effect. The weight still stayed in the same range. Strange.

The mummy told me I got it from her cos people kept telling her that she looks younger than her age. I guess it runs in the family then haha!

March 6, 2011

It's been a while since I posted something on here. Don't have the time to update these days, like my family used to say to me, 'ye la, orang da berkerjaya la katekan. haha!' yeah, right.

Actually, I've been having a rough time these days. But hey, I'm not going to babble them out here. I want to keep the blog free from negativities :p nah, I may post rants at times but not that frequent like I used to haha!

*Cut the crap and get on with the story* Oh yes, on Sunday last week, a friend's sister was getting married and she invited me. So me and one of my besties attended the wedding. The best shot that day was this one, which is my favourite :p

We met some of the schoolmates there. My bestie couldn't remember some of them haha! My eyes were almost popped out cos I was so shocked that she actually forgot some of her schoolmates haha! It was fun though. As always, I didn't talk much. Just enjoy listening to the others. Maybe I'm one of those who listen. When I talk, usually it will come out wrong. At times, people get me wrong. I'm not good with words, so I better shut up rather than say anything. Ah well, spent too much time at the wedding and got home 4 hours later. Luckily the daddy wasn't home by the time I got home haha!

Actually, I've been missing those retards. Next week, I'll be seeing some of them I guess haha! *kecoh*

I feel like singing my heart out you know. The last time I went for a round was when everyone had sore throat and I was the only one who didn't suffer the same thing. Good timing? ahaha!

February 20, 2011

A Walk to Remember?

Last Tuesday, I went to Bukit Cerakah with one of my besties. We planned to cycle around the park but unfortunately, the bikes were all gone. So we walked for almost 5km to meet up with another bestie of ours who was having a sort of family day with her classmates. We managed to snap some piccies since we didn't ride a bike. A blessing in disguise perhaps? :p

We went to the animal park. There was like a ferret I think, while I was standing beside it to pose for a pic, that thing sneezed at me hahaha! One of the peacocks wanted to hit my friend's back while she had her back to its cage. It was a funny sight haha!

While we were walking, we exchanged stories; about work/study, family, friends, etc. Again, another blessing :p I needed some fresh air anyway, so to be able to walk around once in a while is nice. When we were walking, we bumped into a family of 5. The daddy asked us why we didn't take the bus. We replied we just wanted to exercise. He laughed and his wife wished us happy exercising :D

After we met our bestie, we had a little rest by the hut and waited for the bus to pick us up. Nah uh, no more walking. I had used up all of my energy. After that, we grabbed our lunch and as usual, one meal wasn't enough for me but since I didn't have much money, I had my second helpings of lunch at home. God, I guess what my friends say are true then, that I have a tummy with the size of a tank enough for a single housing area and my appetite is quite scary haha!

Also not forgetting, I went to I-City again yesterday haha! My mom always wanted to go there but didn't get the chance. So we went there yesterday. There was some kind of motorbikes exhibition going on there. The bikes even have price tags on them. One of them worth RM8900. Bloody hell. Who's crazy enough to throw that kind of money over a bike anyway?

That sums up my weekend. Well, have a great week everyone :)

February 11, 2011


Yesterday, I followed my sister and her friend to I-City. I must say I was shocked when we had to pay at the entrance. Quite expensive too, RM10. I can fill up the tank to go to work for a day with the same amount of money pfftt~ Not only that, there was a giraffe we saw while we were on our way to the parking lot. But the giraffe was out-of-bounds, for us at least cos we had to pay to go the giraffe section. No idea why we didn't go around the whole place. Prolly cos of the money constraint.

Then, we came across a reptile exhibition. Yes, have to pay also to see the exhibition. Each entry for RM5 in weekdays, weekends RM8. Nothing much in it, just a few big and fat frogs, long and short snakes, hairy spiders and a racoon was there too. I wonder if racoons are reptiles. Anyway, I didn't get to snap much piccies there.

konon cam nak panjat haha!

nak tunjuk rawsha je sebenarnye haha!

Then, I saw ar-Rawsha there. I could hardly believe that it was so near to us (rather than having to go all the way to KL). So I told a friend of mine about it and he was ecstatic about it, he suddenly wanted to work there or something along those lines haha!

Sorry for the lack of updates these days. I haven't gone to anywhere much lately cos I don't have any money haha! Plus, I've started working already. No longer can go and enjoy around with friends on weekdays haha! Work is fun although I'm not good at it. No, that's not quite right. I know nuts about my work haha! But we need to learn something new everyday yeah.

Chip's already sat on my arm and she kept walking right in front of my face. Difficult to type and think. Prolly that's the sign for me to stop for now. Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Haziq

The birthday guy and his petite gal :D

The most enthusiastic person I've ever known. When he tells you his stories, there will be a lot of expressions and sounds haha! When he chats away in the car, the car looks as if it's bouncing cos he can't stop his body from making all sorts of movements. He'll get carried away when he talks but there's only one thing that can stop him from talking too much; Ila's ability to change the topic out of the blue XDDDD

Not forgetting, when he laughs, people will throw weird looks at him. Unnecessary attention, I must say haha!

The advices he always gives are mostly echoed from Ila's advices. Usually he will say, 'macam Ila selalu cakap...' or 'Ila penah cakap...' XD

He always claims that he's more matured than us which I doubt about it haha!

It's a bit unfortunate that we can't celebrate his birthday though. Next year prolly XD

All the best with your err, work and have a blast this year. Hopefully this year will be better than the previous years of your life *what does that even mean? XD*

P/S: Ingatkan nak buat flash sikit, kasi lawa sikit post ni tapi tak terbuat lak haha!

January 19, 2011


I think everyone should make recycle as a habit. At home, my mom put two boxes for recyclable containers like glass bottles, milk cartons, cereal boxes after we've cleaned them up if we were the last one to use them. Doesn't take much of your time really. Instead of throwing them in the bin, why not toss them in a separate bin? The purpose of separating the recyclables and rubbish is to make the Uncle Indah Water's job easier. He already knew which one is which from the sound of them. Not only that, you also helped to save the environment by not contributing to the landfills. So go green! :D

P/S: I really hate to see someone throw away any kinds of small litter outside the window of a car, bus or any vehicle. Feels like picking it up and throw it back to the thrower's face! Pfftt~

January 18, 2011


Today I didn't think of you
Today was alright
I had a lot of things to do
I was moving on with my life

But now I need
Some answers, some answers
I'm tired and I'm getting weak
Some answers, some answers

I only miss you when I'm dreaming
That's why I don't wanna close my eyes
Tell me why you only hurt me when I'm sleeping
The only time I can't put up a fight is when I'm dreaming

Another hour passes by
It's gonna be a long night ahead
Cos it feels you creeping up inside my mind
Everytime I look at my bed

But now I need
Some answers, some answers
I'm tired and I'm weak
Some answers, some answers

I only miss you when I'm dreaming
That's why I don't wanna close my eyes
Tell me why you only hurt me when I'm sleeping
The only time I can't put up a fight

The only time I can't live without you
I can't let you go

I only miss you when I'm dreaming
That's why I don't wanna close my eyes
Tell me why you only hurt me when I'm sleeping
The only time I can't control my mind
And the only time I can't put up a fight
I miss you when I'm dreaming

Miss You When I'm Dreaming by Westlife

Stop! I know what you're thinking. The song does not justify the reason of my absence in the world wide web haha! It's just a song I came across the other day while digging up my library. It's quite nice to the ears, as always :p Whenever I'm listening to the song, I will usually say those things come to your mind cos you still haven't let go of them. Just give yourself a chance to start over something new and leave the troubled times behind. Why let small things stop you from moving forward eh? If you really have gotten over them, they won't come creeping up in your dreams surely?

Ah anyway, I've been feeling a little under the weather since last Saturday but I refused to stay in bed and take my meds haha! The only thing I can't do right now is sing. Actually, I can sing but with much difficulty and someone is bound to laugh at me cos of my 'lovely' voice haha! But I still sing anyway haha!

Take care, everyone. It's the 'fever season' haha!

January 12, 2011

Blind or plain stupid?

Some say love it is a river
That drowns the tender reed
Some say love it is a razor
That leaves your soul to bleed
Some say love it is a hunger
An endless, aching need

I say love it is a flower
And you it's only seed

The Rose by Westlife

Most of the time people will say love is blind. Today, I've seen the truth in it. A friend who is deeply in love with someone he/she shouldn't be with. Sadly, he/she was advised to not to go on with it but refused to listen. He/she said that they're in love and couldn't careless what's going to happen. The same thing happened to another friend years ago. Because they only see their respective dates in their head, anything others say mean nothing to them simply because the others do not feel the same way they feel.

You know what I think? I feel like bumping these people's heads to the wall so that my words can go through their thick skulls. The weird thing is, they already know what kind of people they're currently dating, but still refuse to leave. I don't care with whom you want to date but please, find someone else okay? Saves me and your other friends and family members a lot of heartache.

Sorry, a ranting post for today. This thing really spoiled my mood all day long pfftt~

January 8, 2011

A Turn of Events

It's funny how a turn of events can throw all the plans you've made. A few weeks ago, I've planned what I was going to do after I was done with my final year project; to stay at home for a while to study some programming languages. However, I have to abandon that plan cos my dad is running out of money since he last received his paycheck March last year. Since then, he didn't get any of his salary and now, the money can last us for a month. Which means I have to start looking for a job.

At times like this, you just have to smile and keep thinking positive as some of my friends had always told me. My personality has always gone wild whenever I've been cornered by something good and/or bad. So I'm thankful to have people who are concerned of me around. A friend gave me an advice to keep my head cool all the time. She hit me at my weak point. She told me that she loves me as much as she loves herself. I hate it when people use that reason. It really cools my temper a lot haha!

There is always a silver lining to all of this. It's just that I've yet to see it :D Ah, I better bounce. The connection drops frequently at night, makes me lose any interest to go online *sigh* Toodles, everyone~

P/S: The picture is my latest attempt on making gifs since I haven't done any since 2008 XD It was a quick job sooo it turned out to be like that haha!

January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Hemie

A year older but hopefully, not a year looking older XD
Happy birthday Hemie!
Sori tak dapat sambut birthday Hemie macam tahun lepas.
Kite ingat lagi mase tahun lepas, lepas kelas proposal je, kite terus pecut beli kek. lepas tu, pegi mintak tumpang umah dak2 laki. Lepas beli kek, beli hadiah lak. Sorok dalam kete, selamat la korang tak selalu bukak boot kete tu haha!
Kononnye kite nak buat jahat sikit sebelum tu, tapi taktau nak buat jahat ape ahaha
Tapi dak2 laki cam sonok lak dapat tepek kek tu kat Hemie, sampai habis la kete kite tu kan haha! Bape bulan lepas tu baru kite pasan, ade lagi tempat yang terkene kek ish3

Sebab kite pun tak bape nak berduit sekarang ni, kite cume mampu nyanyi je la untuk Hemie ehe :D

Enjoy your birthday okay :)