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July 18, 2012

Nabilah's G-Day

It was a hectic day for me. Nabilah's g-day in the morning, and I shot straight to Sepang and Seremban for 2 wedding receptions afterwards. Somehow, it reminds me of my own g-day; it was fun! The most fun part was my parents gave me the green light to go out and have some fun with friends even though it was already 7 in the evening muehehehe and so did my sister on this day. We had our relatives from north in town and so, they joined us on that day. But as usual, only Mammy and Daddy are allowed to enter HAHAH we waited for 30 mins outside, snapped some pics. Luckily, it was a cloudy afternoon.


I took 2 days off for this trip. Left Malaysia on Thursday evening and came back 2 minutes before Monday :O it wasn't tiring but at the thought of getting back to work from a vacation was somewhat overwhelming HAHAH

Didn't do much on the first day; the tourist guide brought us to the nearest market, Ben-Thanh. It was within the walking distance from the hotel. While I was crossing the road, I saw a familiar skyscraper. Holeyyy, it was Menara TM! HAHAHA I tried to snap a pic of it but 9 million motorcycles stopped me from doing so. I got to snap it a few days later though :p even my 8-year-old brother can also see the similarity!

On second day, we went to the War Museum. They showcased of the brutality of the American army; the images were gruesome! We also visited the Cu Chi tunnel; they used to have tunnels underground during the war. Their survival skills were amazing!

The next day, we went to the Mekong lake. I bought some candy and snacks there. I even had the chance to hold a snake. By golly, it was so heavy, cold and slimy ahaha too bad Mak didn't see it, she would've gone mental! HAHAHA

On Sunday, we did the final shopping the whole day. The tourist guide mocked us by asking 'beg dah bercucu-cicit ke?' kahkahkah yes, we did buy a new baggage to carry those souvies back home. Luckily, we stayed within the baggage limit though.

It felt like going on a vacation in Malaysia cos Malaysians were everywhere! The local can also speak Malay; basic words in trading/selling. 'Murah, murah'. Going to shop there was like going for a battle heheh I bought some fridge magnet, bags, shirts, and baju kurung materials for my friends. I also bought some baju kurung materials and a bag for myself.

And since this trip, I've gone broke HAHAHA next! P/S: will stick a pic here later