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March 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Fariz

I still remember the very first time I've spoken to him. We were on the phone, talking about a certain seminar. It went a little like this:

Me: Fariz, korang takyah amek la penceramah tu. Kite leh tolong amek.
Fariz: Kite!?!
Me: Ye, kite amek. Korang takyah amek.
Fariz: Kite!?!

Haha! That was 3 years ago though. Present day, still talking to him haha! Even better, he listens when I talk crap all the time. Plus, he's the easiest one for me to ask to hang out which is quite cool.

Tomorrow onwards, surely more people will say you look older than your age? :p

So, happy birthday. Hopefully you'll have a blast this year (and get a girlfriend soon :p just kidding!). Got no present for you but I have food to offer you this weekend haha! See you this weekend then.

nape rase cam gambar ni da berkurun lamanye XD

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