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January 19, 2011


I think everyone should make recycle as a habit. At home, my mom put two boxes for recyclable containers like glass bottles, milk cartons, cereal boxes after we've cleaned them up if we were the last one to use them. Doesn't take much of your time really. Instead of throwing them in the bin, why not toss them in a separate bin? The purpose of separating the recyclables and rubbish is to make the Uncle Indah Water's job easier. He already knew which one is which from the sound of them. Not only that, you also helped to save the environment by not contributing to the landfills. So go green! :D

P/S: I really hate to see someone throw away any kinds of small litter outside the window of a car, bus or any vehicle. Feels like picking it up and throw it back to the thrower's face! Pfftt~

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