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April 2, 2011


One of the besties joined a contest some time ago and today, she told me she won the contest! I personally like her post though (might be a bit biased here, okay not just a bit, by this bucket load *hand gestures* haha!) You can check out her post here. The reason why I was so excited when she told me not just cos I was happy for her, also cos the post was about us nine at that time (errr). Anyhoo, I haven't seen some of them for a long time and reading her post really made me missing them even more! hoho~ tahniah la ye cik aini :D

Notice I've renamed this blog? The posts were mostly on where I've gone to recently so I came up with another catchy name, well at least for me it's quite catchy, no? haha! I've also been thinking to renovate the blog for weeks (grrr~) but but but I haven't got the slightest idea yet. I've thought about using AJAX cos I think it's quite cool but I don't think Blogger has the feature just yet. What a letdown. Think I'll start with the header first. One step at a time, no?

Ah this weekend, I have nothing going on cos mainly I don't have much money on me. Besides, I've been feeling under the weather since last Thursday. Hopefully, I will feel better before Monday. I hate to go down with a fever. Sleeping all the time, taking meds, so not cool. The last time I had fever was last January and that time, I didn't even lay in my bed. In fact, I went all the way to Shah Alam under those circumstances just to watch the guys play futsal haha!

But next weekend, definitely the Weekenders have something to do haha! Take care, people! :)

P?S: Sesuka hati je nak kasi nama2 kat diorang ni. Retards la, Weekenders la, tapi lagi sedap dari retards tu la kan haha! :p

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