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December 27, 2012

Dila's Reception

After weeks of spamming each other's inbox, we managed to plan who were the drivers and their respective passengers; the meeting point and the wedding gift. I went to Mid for the gift, and alhamdulillah, it was on sale so I didn't have to rack my brain to pick another gift should the budget gets overrun.

For the trip, I was assigned to pick up the Klang/Shah Alam gang. My timing, as always, was a bit off, so I had to speed off to the meeting point at the Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh. Yeah, I was 15 mins early :p

We had some breakfast while waiting for the others. But the only car joining us there was Aza's. Nurul got to the wrong rest area so we had to catch up with her. So the next meeting point would be in Tapah. Yeah, we had a little reunion there :p

We reached Dila's around 1 pm with Nurul as our guide cos she's more familiar of Taiping than the rest of us. Had our lunch, snapped some pics, watched Mira belted out a song (didn't know what song though ehe). But I couldn't stay long so around 3.30, we made our move since the other 2 cars were gonna stay for the night.

It was a short meeting/reunion and what not, but we still had some fun. Some hoping that Dila's wedding kompang will rub on them kahkahkah

November 5, 2012

Take 5

A train of new updates in the past few days. Yeah, I kinda lost the passion to write anymore. In fact, I've lost interest in doing anything at all. I need someone to talk to openly about everything I'm feeling right now, but... ah well.

Before the train continues running, after the 5 latest Glee-pisodes, I've finally found my fav song of the lot: Paradise by the Dashboard Light. I watched the rerun from the first episode to the latest one the other day while waiting for the new episode this Friday. Love Finn's husky voice in it!

I couldn't take it any longer
Lord, I was crazed
And when the feeling came up on me like a tidal wave
I started swearing to my god and on my mother's grave
That I would love to the end of time
I swore I would love you to the end of time
So now I'm praying for the end of time
To hurry up and arrive
Cos if I gotta spend another minute with you
I don't think that I can really survive
I'll never break my promise or forget my vow
But God only knows what I can do right now
I'm praying for the end of time, that's all that I can do
Praying for the end of time so I can end my time with you

I always bounce wherever and whenever I hear this song. At the very least I can put a pause to this horrible feeling for 3 mins tops :D The train will most prolly continue its journey next week. So in the mean time, toodles~

November 2, 2012

Pontian Part II

On Sept 9, I went to Pontian for the second time along with Aini, Hemie and Naruto. Hazique had to skip this one cos his brother was going to depart for India that day. This time, we had quite a packed schedule. We went to Ila's first. On the way back, we stopped by at Hemie's and Naruto's for Raya. The sky kept crying along the journey though. I'm no longer interested in hitting 160; I drive less than 80 these days, and that annoyed some people but hey, at the very least, I don't tailgate anymore :p Anyhoo, somewhere in Seremban, a car spun and stalled in the middle lane. Luckily, no one was injured cos the car was upside down. Prolly cos of the slippery road. Alhamdulillah, we had a safe journey :D

Thanks for the invitation and the trouble to have us and serve us :D Sorry, no pics. I have no idea where Naruto keeps them :p

November 1, 2012

Raya 1433

This year's Raya was quite bizarre cos the tailor forgot to sew up our bajus, so Mak had a panic attack and bought a red set for us. It felt like Chinese New Year, yaw! hahah

Then, two weeks later, half of the 8 made it to my house. And the next weekend, 6 of the PDB25 kids also came over to my house.

Gave away some duit raya this year to the parents, siblings, cousins, and also Atuk Nenek ehe

October 31, 2012

Mak's Present

'Korang ni, kumpul la duit, belikan netbook sebijik untuk Mak', she kept saying this for a few times in the past year. So, I contemplated to ask the other 2 siblings to hand me at most RM100 each HAHAH and I'll cover the rest.

I bought it a day after her birthday though. After (late) Pajai's wedding, I went to the office for a while and withdrawn some money. Picked up Fariz at his house and met Aini and Naruto at Lowyat. So we went around and finally, I chose the one in the first shop. Strange that whenever I went for a quick survey, I would most probably end up at the first shop. And by some chance, Naruto bought a new phone for himself, much to Aini's dismay. We blame Fariz for the irresistible temptation HAHAH

Ayah called me up to ask whether I wanted to come along to Achik's house. I haven't met her since March last year hmm anyway, I said no and drove those kids back to their house. I took the wrong exit, to Maju Expressway we went. I thought, 'ah that's okay, still can reach Fariz's house'. Since the guy himself wasn't familiar with MEX, so we ended up missing the exit and found ourselves on the way to Putrajaya. So we stopped to pray and continued finding our way out of Putrajaya. I was getting frustrated and I missed another exit. We were so hungry, and so we decided to have 'mi tarik' for dinner. I went around Kajang, got cramps on my right foot halfway through, and finally, we made it! HAHAH 2 hours just to get out of there =__=

Dropped Aini and Naruto home on the way home, it's quite convenient to live the furthest among the lot cos they don't have to worry about me sending them home. Reached home, and started to draft out the clues and where to hide them. We always have this mini treasure hunt just for the fun of torturing the birthday person HAHAH it was almost 10 pm, it's almost Mak's bedtime. I went up to her bed, had a little chat. Then, I handed a piece of paper to her. She understood and grumbled that she wanted to sleep. She went to hunt for it anyway eheheh I told her that she would surely no longer feel sleepy after she found the present. Yes, I was right :p

October 30, 2012

Seeing is Believing Treasure Hunt

2 weeks after Jengka/Bukit Tinggi trip, once again I drove up to Pahang again. This time, for an event under our office, a treasure hunt I joined with Ecah, Mira and DD. We were among the last teams to arrive at the meeting point at TPM. It was like 7+ in the morning for God's sake.

And so, Team 12 started the journey. It was quite confusing at the first three tulips but since I'm pretty good with the roads and directions, I saw some other teams taking Genting exit but I didn't follow them cos I know they were wrong muehehehe DD took Bell's place cos she wasn't feeling well. So he was quite confused of his role as a navigator hahah

We were directed to Bentong exit, hunted for the answers to the questions and forgot which exit we took back to the highway. Halfway through the race, we needed to take on 2 mini games to score extra points as the games would be opened till 1 pm. We had to guess what and how many of them in a sack. So, me and Ecah counted on each end. We had missed a few though. Another mini games was that we had to hop on one leg and pick up a trash one by one. It was quite a funny sight though, especially Mira cos she was so small HAHAH Anyway, at the last stop, straightaway we stopped to buy snacks/drinks for another set of questions. The bought items would be donated to a foundation for people with sight problems in Kuantan (the name escaped me, sorry). We were given 9 hours to finish the race. We arrived at Swiss Garden with a few mins left on the clock heheh

Team 12 didn't win though but we had a good time and a nice experience. Next year, deffo will join another treasure hunt, if there's any heheh

October 29, 2012

Jengka/Bukit Tinggi

Wassup, people? Sorry for being on a hiatus for too long. It's just that I haven't been feeling like typing much lately, lost motivation and all, but ah well. Here goes: June 16th, I drove up to Pahang for the first time, with Teha as a company to Matnor's wedding reception. Turned out I was the only one from my class to make it there, so called on behalf of the others *mehhh* hahah~

Since it was the first time I ever set foot in Jengka, so finding the venue was super bizarre. I didn't have any idea where to go, blindly going further and finally, found a stall to ask for directions. They told us that we should look out for a factory. But the factory was surrounded by tall trees that we missed it and we were already miles ahead. We found another factory but we went around the place but couldn't find a way to get there. Stopped and asked for directions again, we were told that we had missed it. Finally, we found the correct factory and were at dismay. Anyhoo, we went round and round for there were so many divisions (dunno what else to call them). We stopped again to ask directions at a small convenient shop, the dude knows the exact location. He showed the way and there we were finally :D

On the way back, my company was sound asleep and I pulled a 160 for a few mins. Saw the exit to Bukit Tinggi and dived straight in. Teha was so happy cos she always wanted to go there. We snapped some pics and enjoyed the scene. Strange it wasn't that cold as in Genting. I blame the haze in KL. Heh

Around 8pm, Mak asked if I wanted to come along to Hulu Langat. I thought, why not I stop by. So I brought Teha there. It was durian season. I'm not much of a durian fan but that night, I was on a roll. Usually, I would have one or two cos I can't stand the heat. Prolly cos we were deep in forest in a cold night, so eating durians wouldn't be much of a problem :p later, we helped Kak Eija with (late) Pajai's wedding invitation card to correct the printed date. It was a long and fun day/night :D

July 18, 2012

Nabilah's G-Day

It was a hectic day for me. Nabilah's g-day in the morning, and I shot straight to Sepang and Seremban for 2 wedding receptions afterwards. Somehow, it reminds me of my own g-day; it was fun! The most fun part was my parents gave me the green light to go out and have some fun with friends even though it was already 7 in the evening muehehehe and so did my sister on this day. We had our relatives from north in town and so, they joined us on that day. But as usual, only Mammy and Daddy are allowed to enter HAHAH we waited for 30 mins outside, snapped some pics. Luckily, it was a cloudy afternoon.


I took 2 days off for this trip. Left Malaysia on Thursday evening and came back 2 minutes before Monday :O it wasn't tiring but at the thought of getting back to work from a vacation was somewhat overwhelming HAHAH

Didn't do much on the first day; the tourist guide brought us to the nearest market, Ben-Thanh. It was within the walking distance from the hotel. While I was crossing the road, I saw a familiar skyscraper. Holeyyy, it was Menara TM! HAHAHA I tried to snap a pic of it but 9 million motorcycles stopped me from doing so. I got to snap it a few days later though :p even my 8-year-old brother can also see the similarity!

On second day, we went to the War Museum. They showcased of the brutality of the American army; the images were gruesome! We also visited the Cu Chi tunnel; they used to have tunnels underground during the war. Their survival skills were amazing!

The next day, we went to the Mekong lake. I bought some candy and snacks there. I even had the chance to hold a snake. By golly, it was so heavy, cold and slimy ahaha too bad Mak didn't see it, she would've gone mental! HAHAHA

On Sunday, we did the final shopping the whole day. The tourist guide mocked us by asking 'beg dah bercucu-cicit ke?' kahkahkah yes, we did buy a new baggage to carry those souvies back home. Luckily, we stayed within the baggage limit though.

It felt like going on a vacation in Malaysia cos Malaysians were everywhere! The local can also speak Malay; basic words in trading/selling. 'Murah, murah'. Going to shop there was like going for a battle heheh I bought some fridge magnet, bags, shirts, and baju kurung materials for my friends. I also bought some baju kurung materials and a bag for myself.

And since this trip, I've gone broke HAHAHA next! P/S: will stick a pic here later

June 14, 2012

Fun Run 2012

In February, an email was broadcasted for Fun Run registration. Since last year I didn't get to run cos I missed the flag-off, this year is a must-enter for me HAHAH being a supportive employee and all :p Anyway, my colleagues and I signed up for it on the spot.

And so, the training started for me in April. Every evening on weekends, I would go for a round the lake whenever I had the chance. Sometimes, I went alone but most of the time, I brought along my sister, cousins and/or Teha. Strange thing, I would only lasted for a lap. A lap around the lake is only 1km+. The race was a 5km race, how could I last if I couldn't finish another lap? And the race was on the next weekend.

A few days before the race, we went to collect the race kit. The collection time started at 12pm but at 11.45, my colleagues and I already lined up for the collection. By 12, the queues had already lined up past the pantry door. Luckily, we went there early.

The night before the race day, I went out with the retards to what could be the most embarrassing thing; organising my own birthday party, along with Aini and Ila's, of course T___T I had a sleepover at Bell's house, so I reached her apartment when it was 15 to 1 in the morning. That was kind of a crazy thing to do; lack of sleep before race but what the hey :p

Woke up around 5.15 cos Bell couldn't stand my alarm bells *yeah, I set 2 alarms like always :p*, around 5.45, I was already geared up for the race wahahaha we reached Putrajaya around 7.30 but we didn't see any signs pointing to the race starting line. So we had to go round and round to find it. Luckily, we found the line at 8. The flag-off was at 8.15, so I didn't miss it this year :p

I pulled away from my colleagues and went ahead with Naily. We even got a shot in the gallery u ols~

Nampak pipi tembam tengah berlari2 HAHAH

We finished the race for almost an hour. I couldn't believe that I could run till the finish line as I thought I didn't have enough preparation for the race. But the most important thing is we finished the race wahahahah there were a lot of mini games but I didn't take part in any. Ecah and I wanted to try the bungee thingy but by the time we went to sign up, the queue would start after 1 pm. Ah well

Overall, it was a nice experience. I didn't have my breakfast before the race but I could run without much trouble. We had coupons for food and drinks but I didn't use them much. I wasn't hungry at that time, just thirsty. Maybe cos I had a wedding reception to attend later that evening, so I thought I could just eat there.

We stayed for the lucky draw but as expected, we weren't lucky enough :p The theme for the race was Run For A Reason; my reason was to run cos I missed it last year. How about yours? Deffo will participate again next year :D

June 12, 2012

3 Stooges kau panggil kitorang =__=

Early in May, I contemplated a plan with Hazique for a birtday celebration for Aini and Ila. Since I pretty much already got the hang of planning these retards' birthdays before, I already had it planned on how to break the news to both of them. But Ila accidentally found out about it. Luckily, Hazique explained to her that it was for Aini HAHAH so the secret was still safe. I told Aini that we were going to celebrate Ila's birthday. She was quite pissed asked what about me. I couldn't remember what I replied to her though cos it was a lie :p

So after work one night, initially I planned to search for their presents at One Utama. But the exit was blocked that I couldn't take the turn. I thought that we were good, we just have to take u-turn at my old office area. But the roads there have changed the last time we've been there that we missed the exit =__= I knew there is a toll ahead and God knows where to take u-turn past the toll. Then, we missed another exit!!!! That time, I just drove straight ahead and thought maybe we could go and search in Wangsa Maju *that far =__=* then, Fariz gave a suggestion to go to Uptown what-was-its-name-again. And Google Maps fooled us both for the second time. The place which supposed to be the location of the Uptown, had nothing. So I just drove along the road, thinking 'where on earth am I', and we found Festival City. So we hunted for the presents and had our dinner there.

For the Bagan Lalang trip, I took the presents up to my room cos I knew for sure Aini would saw them. I was right though heheh I made a reservation at That Little Gerai for 10 of us (8 made it there). Presents, check. Venue, check. What about a cake? I asked Hazique, he said no need to buy a cake. The food there would be enough. He kept on insisting that there would be no need of buying a cake, so I decided to drop the subject.

That night, Naruto told Aini that he couldn't make it t the celebration. I thought he was joking around with her but he wasn't. So, I started my engine and sped off to Shah Alam to fetch him and send him to Hazique's house. This would avoid messing up the surprise muehehehe *sorry sebab tipu Aini ehe* she was busy with her work and I told her that I wanted to go to Amcorp Mall :p After sending Naruto off, I went back to the office for Aini. The traffic was bad towards Cheras that I thought of taking the Kepong Highway. Big mistake. It was so far! Around 1030, we reached the venue even though we got a bit lost. Aini wasn't used to navigate using Google and I'm not familiar of that area pfftt~

The others were there by that time we arrived. We browsed through the menu and placed our order. While we were eating, I kept giving Hazique the signal to pop up the surprise. Then, I heard him talking to Fariz very awkwardly *I have known these two for years, I can tell :p* The guys wanted to go to the car. In my head, 'that is not part of a plan. What are the guys playing at?' but I kept on eating anyway. Then, they appeared with a cake with 3 names on it HAHAH while I was busy planning for Aini and Ila; Fariz, Hazique and Hemie planned another surprise behind my back HAHAH no wonder Fariz kept mentioning about me buying a present for myself. The day before we went to buy cards for the girls, and I swore I saw him paying for something but I minded my own business that I didn't bother to ask him anything about it. But he denied that was for me anyway, so who knows? The guys kept teasing me, saying I'm a loser for planning my own birthday celebration =__= I got 2 presents from them; a shirt and a shawl. And of course, a card :p Feel like hugging all of them at that time *ya, don't mind hugging the guys also :p*

Picture courtesy of Hazique
At midnight, Bell texted me, asking where I was. I was supposed to sleep over at her house for the Fun Run on the next day. So I sent Aini and Naruto home first, and around 1245, I reached Bell's apartment. I forgot to ask her which one is her block. That time, she, Khai and Huda were already dozed off. I kept calling them but no answer. Luckily, Bell woke up and answered the call heheh

Next, Fun Run!

Mini Reunion

Was quite pissed at this but what the hey, we've tried :D It was supposed to be a reunion for 20+ people but only 5 showed up for the event. So we did the same thing like we did in PD for this reunion. Syikin brought along her family and boyfriend for that trip too.

Bagan Lalang Beach is quite far from the main roads that we had to delve in deep to unknown roads to get there. With the help of 2 navigators and Google Maps at the back, we managed to reach there around 11 pm.

Aini remembered that Hemie had longer for flying a kite. So we bought a kite to get Hemie feeling envious of us HAHAH we let Fariz and Naruto fly it. As the kite was flying high on the sky, suddenly the string broke and we lost the kite. Funny, after we bought it, Aini said maybe we could keep the kite for another trip. Ah well hahahah

I didn't take a dip in the sea that much though. I have this red alert that stopped me from diving. Besides, the beach didn't have the oomph like it was in PD :D We had our lunch at 3 pm at one of the stalls nearby. The hell, it was so expensive! *Ramai Seafood lagi murah u ols~* around 4, we started our journey home. A few minutes into the journey, the boys already dozed off at the back. Strange as we didn't play around much like we did in PD. My theory was prolly we all didn't sleep much the day before muehehehe

PD Trip

Last Saturday(21/4/2012), we went on a trip to PD! Finally, I got to ride on the banana boat again! :D

The idea came up 4 days before the trip. While Fariz and I were walking towards the train station, he suddenly proposed the idea of having a trip there. And I have an allergy of hearing the PD word cos I wanted to ride on the banana boat so bad! It is so addictive and I feel like riding it again :p

And so, on Thursday, Aini, Fariz and I went to the groceries to buy food for the trip. Well, there would only be like 5 of us so we didn't have to buy much. Hemie would prepare spaghetti while I made some cheese tarts for the trip.

Then, came Saturday. Apparently, Ayah forgot that I was going for the trip on that day. He said that I need to sign some papers for my car. That time, my heart was like patah seribu! Why now ~,~ but I kept calm and asked what time I should go for the agreement signing. He said around 10. Oh no! We planned to go at 9. At 6 something in the morning, I called the driver to explain the situation and we shifted the time to go right after I have sign those papers.

The seller was 30 - 40 minutes late! I was restless, but kept calm in front of Ayah hahah when the seller came, we saw him wearing a Man Utd shirt that Ayah thought to give him a good grief on that but he let it pass =__= anyway, papers signed and my car was on my way! But first things first, PD! Yeayyyy!

We went for lunch first before taking a dip in the sea. Then, the clouds were crying down on Earth. That didn't dampen our spirits bwahahaha *semangat habis* Sadly, what Fariz and I ordered went amiss by the cook that we cancelled our order. We went to pray after lunch and got changed. We put all of our valuables in a bag and one of us took turns to carry the bag. My phone screen got some pretty bad scratches cos of the friction with the beach sand =__= and now the bag is like half purple, half white cos of the salty water hahah I was told to wash it off but I thought it was just salty water. Besides, let it be a reminder of that day :p

We tried to persuade Aini to get on that boat but since she's hydrophobic, so she stayed by the beach with the bag. We went on board with 2 crazy tourists. They kept on screaming something tangible at times, all the time *that's quite confusing*. Anyway, before the boat took the sharp turn, they already dived into the sea. But we still stayed put on the boat. The turn wasn't as sharp as the first time I rode it. I pity Hemie though, cos she was struggling to get to the shore. I helped her out, but at that time I felt there were like 3 hands holding on to my left arm. It was creepy but I said nothing. *kata orang, jangan tegur*

After all that, the hungry tummy started drumming; we opened the packed food and dug in. At that time, I felt like cracking the joke 'Didn't your mom tell you not to swim after you eat?' but I don't think they'll get the joke heheh that was a line from It Takes Two movie *my family's fav* While I was sitting with my back towards the beach, I saw a cat on a plank scratching on the end of it. Came 2 kids, jumping up and down on the other end of the plank. The cat's claws were still stuck on the plank that it went jumping with the plank. It was such a funny sight HAHAH

We cleaned up ourselves, and packed our things, ready to go home. I reached home around 9 pm. Luckily, my house was filled with my aunties and cousins that time. So I didn't get any stick for that :p

It was fun! Can we do it again? :p

April 24, 2012

Maroon 7 Little Reunion

I saw Annys' tweet asking for anyone to hang out with her. So I told her I could go if she wants to hang after work. She said it's better to go on Friday night in that case. And so, we agreed on meeting on Friday but we hadn't decided on the date yet. Then I noticed, her birthday was on Saturday. So if I were to bring the other Maroon girls as a surprise, it would be nice. So I sent an FB message to the other girls. So after some discussions with the girls, I got back to Annys for the date for us to meet up.

Initially, two of them could join us. But Jijah had gastric and she couldn't make it to the reunion. So I waited for Azim at the LRT station cos the area is very unfamiliar to her. We were supposed to meet at 8 but since Azim had some work to do, she got off the train quite late. Annys came on time that I had to stall her by saying that I had some work to finish off first but as always, that was a lie :))

I thought, before Annys screamed when she saw I was not alone, better to put her on alert. So I sent a text to her saying 'surprise!'. She was quite puzzled at first cos she didn't see me. And I didn't think of asking her what her plate number is before meeting HAHAH so I was a bit lost in the rain. Luckily, she saw us and off we went to Murni.

It was a birthday celebration and that was the first time I met Azim after we finished off our journey in matriculation. So I had the bills on me that day :D We had a little chat, and called the others to confirm whether they are still using the number or not and just to make them jealous HAHAH the girls wanted to go on a holiday together before Jijah ties the knot this June. I'm not sure of that hmmm


On 15th April, I invited my relatives and besties to our house for a little feast. Not that I have anything to celebrate, just for fun :D My aunts asked me why didn't I throw this feast in May for my birthday? I told them it is weird if you're paying for your own birthday party; feel like a loser :p They teased me by saying I was going to celebrate for a new boyfriend HAHAH last time I checked, I'm still dateless at this age :p

Mak cooked the main course while I was busy with the desserts. I started before Mak, but I finished later than her. Oh yes, I even forgot to take out the last batch of cream puff from the oven. I only remembered them when I was going to turn on the oven a week later =__=

I think what I said to my mom has backfired to me; more like jinxed myself. I said to her that she likes to feed people. So everytime she brings food to school, she will say, 'yes, I like to feed people'. On one evening, while I was busy cooking, she said to me, 'I see you are becoming like me. You like to feed people'. I replied, 'Food is for eating. What else is it for?' *yeah, I'm good at diverting accusations*

March 24, 2012

Teha B-Day

2 surprise birthday celebrations in a week! This time, with the Speckies. We came up with the idea on Tuesday, plan on Wednesday, prepare on Thursday and execution on Friday :p

Alia offered to create the diversion by taking Teha out to dinner. I talked to Teha's mom into the plan that Farah and I would arrive at Teha's after I got off from work. Since it was on Friday, the traffic was quite heavy and as usual, I got stuck at the Sunway-LDP Interchange =__= I stopped by at Shah Alam first to buy the cake cos if I bought it after fetching Farah, the shop might be closed by that time :S I turned on my GPS, please lead me the way to Farah. On the Guthrie highway, again I got stuck in the traffic. The traffic light was green for like 8-10 cars only for the traffic coming from the main road. Strange.

Along the way, there were a lot of cars so I didn't have to worry about the darkness of the route. Since my GPS didn't have Farah's place, so I called her up and she gave excellent and clear directions on how to get to her place. 20 mins upon our arrival, Alia called that she had to bring Teha home as her parents have already called and said it was late and they needed to get home. Oh no, plan ruined, I thought! I dialled Alia's number but then I thought, 'hey, the plan is not ruined yet, Teha still doesn't know that we're on our way'. So I hung up and continued focusing on my driving. The place was really dark that I had to switch on the high beam =__=

And so, around 1030, we arrived at Teha's place. She screamed when she saw us coming in at the front door. I planned to torture her by hiding her present but since it was late, oh well. Her family had already served food, waiting for us to arrive T__T Simple but nice. Since it's hard for me to go out and about in the weekends, so that suffice for me.


So the next birthday will be in 5 weeks' time. Ample time to relax from planning all these surprises :p

P/S: Still waiting for Teha to upload piccies so that I can grab one and stick it up here. My camera ran out of battery after taking 2 pictures. I forgot to check the battery first! Grrrr

March 21, 2012

Fariz B-Day

Unlike Hemie and Hazique's, this time, we had to postpone this twice! The third time, we got lucky :p

-------------Plan 1------------

We contemplated to celebrate on the 8th, but suddenly, everyone was busy and couldn't make it. Even the celebrated guy had to work that night. So, this plan was cancelled. Well, at that point, we were still undecided where to go as we couldn't agree on the venue. But I dragged him to go for dinner along with Aini anyway that night~ and with a bit of luck, Hazique was around the same area. He came with Ila a bit later as she got off from work late that night. Surely that wasn't the celebration cos not all of us were there heheh

-------------Plan 2------------

It never crossed my mind to plan a surprise party as I remember Hazique once said, 'surely he already knows we're going to celebrate his birthday, so it's no longer a surprise'. And so, I told Fariz of the 2nd plan to celebrate. Ila asked why on earth did I tell him about it? I told her I could undone the damage. I thought maybe giving COD as an excuse would sound legit. Again, everyone was busy at work. We were still undecided where to celebrate. Fariz wasn't in town that day anyway. So, cancelled! *terasa macam nak tambah sound effect di situ*

-------------Plan 3------------

We kept changing venues as we had to consider some of us who are quite picky about their food, the place closed, another place sucks, and finally, we settled for Rasta TTDI. Ila said we need to have a cake but previous experiences taught us that the cakes were never got finished on the spot. And so, Ila came up with the idea of having Pavlova as the cake HAHAH

And so, on Sunday, before Liverpool vs Stoke kickoff, I kept myself busy in the kitchen. Mak said she wanted some, so I split it onto 2 trays. But the oven is quite small, I put the one for Mak at the bottom of the oven. I didn't know that the heat came straight from the bottom, 20 mins later, the smell of overburning flooded the air. Ah, there went Mak's part =__= So I had to whip up a new one. But the problem was Mak bought the whipping cream in a small carton. I had two big batches of them and that small carton was not enough. Previously, my sister rang me to ask whether I wanted some burgers or not. So I thought, maybe I could ask her to look for whipping cream at 7 Eleven. I called her, she was already on her way home! argghh! Mak said that was okay. She would buy another carton the next day, but not that I had the time to make some, unless on weekends.

I tried not to laugh cos I kept saying to myself, 'habis kena tipu mamat ni'. Since Hemie is a bit unfamiliar with routes to KL, I had to sketch her a map to Hazique's house. She got lost anyway hahah but she had her bestie with her as a co-pilot, but the worst part was she called me when I was in the carthat I had to tone down the speaker volume. Luckily, Zana was on the phone so I didn't have to mention Hemie's name at all. Aini got off from work a little early than usual, ah must be our night :p

Ila said that we should make it as a surprise. And so, with my good acting skills, I used the COD excuse and Fariz took the bait. But since it was in the weekdays, everyone was busy at work, the others couldn't make it on time that I had to come up with a way to buy some time for the others to be there on time. The plan was the others would be there at 9pm. But they got there around 10 =__= By that time, I've ran out of things to buy and ideas to stall into going to the crime scene and everything started to sound fishy.

Then, while on the way there, the others told me they were almost there. Oh this is good, I said to myself. I thought close enough, we would be there at the same time. But I got mixed up with the routes that we got lost! You see, there are two Rastas. We went around Damansara, called Naruto and Tamtam for directions. That already cut off the surprise. Ya la, surprised cos got lost! Actually, we got lost cos we got the wrong direction HAHAH The direction was from this end of highway while we were at the other side of the highway. Anywayyy, we managed to find the place. I ordered a mushroom cheddar burger, it tasted so-so. Maybe will try some other dish, next time :p

Well, Operation B-Day III was a success :D Next!

Specky Angelz Not-So-Specky-Anymore

Felt bad for the girls cos I didn't give a prompt reply on their plan for the picnic, but what can I do? T___T

Before leaving for the picnic, I had my breakfast with my family somewhere nearby. I put my bag under the seat in my mom's car cos I didn't feel like taking it. Hopping out of the car, I had my mom's baju kurung that I forgot to take the bag from under the seat! When I realised my bag wasn't with me, Mak was already halfway to Batu Tiga! ergh

Mak told me to come and fetch my bag at Khulafa cos my brother wanted to eat Roti Canai there. He said Khulafa has 'pinggan cantik' when it is only an ordinary tray for Roti Canai =__=

And so, I sprinted to the highway to Putrajaya cos I told the girls to go first. But I was there first, and the girls got lost =__= HAHAH at first, I waited for them at Taman Botani. But then, I was told that they wanted to have the picnic at Taman Wetlands. Cos the girls were lost, so I went all the way back to Taman Botani to fetch them and show them the way to Taman Wetlands. The place was quiet, too quiet to my liking (I heard weird sounds but I ignored them anyway). We picked a spot under a shady tree, but there were so many ants!

Anyway, the mastermind for the picnic was Teha but her plan lacked big time :p I was ordered to make and bring blueberry cheese tarts and the drinks for the picnic. Since I'm a big eater, she brought food that are like nuts to me =__= but I had a good time though. I hadn't had the chance of meeting Alia and Farah for a long time. We exchanged stories, reminisced the old days and even had our gossiping time :p But since Teha is such a photo freak, she asked to go to Taman Botani and we snapped a lot of piccies there. But I couldn't stay for long. Around 3 hours later, I drove back home. Here's the weird thing, I have never ever managed to get to the PLUS Highway on the way home. Usually I got lost either in SKVE, or LDP or Kajang Silk Highway. This time, I didn't realise I was lost until I saw the sign Seremban R&R 40+ km ahead. Eh I was heading South =__= Made a u-turn at Bangi exit, the road still looked very unfamiliar. The next thing I know, I was at Sungai Besi toll =__= *sungguh jauh tersasar* I tried to avoid Federal Highway especially at the LDP interchange but that was where I had to go anyway pfftt~

March 1, 2012

Save Our Yesterdays

It's 2012, and I still listen to this song.

I'm loving you tomorrow, loving you today and saving all our yesterdays
I'm letting all your sunshine bringing out the smile in me
I can take you out to Paris, fly away to Rome
*lepas tu takleh tangkap da apa dia nyanyi :p*

Wordless Wednesday: My Lab Rats :p

January 31, 2012

Hazique B-Day

This one was a quite last minute plan. Prolly cos we had the long weekend that we didn't get to have that much time to plan. The plan was carved out by Ila, while the others just followed the plan hahah initially, the plan was to hide in Ila's house and made the birthday dude jump but we thought better to have it outside. Then, switched Ila's house with Alamanda. The whacky couple would go for a walk and bumped into us one by one. But out of nowhere came the idea to have the party at Taman Botani. So Ila managed to persuade Hazique to go there :D

We didn't know what to buy as a birthday present so we went for the usual option; a T-shirt. To be on the safe side, we brought Fariz along to advice us on the right size. *lepas tu berebut nak beli kaler ape hahah!*

I was assigned to buy pizza and drinks and to be the driver for Naruto and Aini. Cos it was a surprise, there was a slight difficulty to take the victim to the crime scene. But that was okay, cos like before, we ate first before the celebrated one arrived HAHAH Ila was a bit jumpy cos she wasn't confident to execute the surprise plan alone cos for Hemie's party, we had Aini to assist us by giving warnings and signals since she was with Hemie at that time plus we had it at a familiar place. Hence, a few minutes before the surprise, she told Hazique that they should've made a move cos we've been expecting them HAHAH

bersepah2 :p

After all the fun, I had a good beating about it. But hey, it was worth it cos not every weekend we get to gather like that :)

Hemie B-Day

Aha we planned this like 2, 3 weeks ahead. Those weeks, our conversation was mostly about the birthday surprise :D Ila and I listed the menu and asked the retards to vote. Then, we started drafting out budget. During our lunch break, we went to Jalan TAR to buy kain as a birthday present. The patterns looked so tempting that we decided to buy the same pattern. Then, on Thursday, we went to the supermarket to do some groceries. That time, it felt as if we were roommates but there were guys among us, that sort of kept me in the line and killed that feeling hahah!

The next day, we bought the cupcakes cos we bought a cake 2 years ago, and there were leftovers. So we decided to buy cupcakes. But the cupcakes were too sweet to my liking. Hmm~ anyway, we bought 25 cupcakes in a box. Turned out we didn't finish them off anyway *sigh*

The real challenge was how to pry the victim to the crime scene :p at last, Naruto came up with an excellent idea on how Aini should persuade Hemie to Shah Alam. The white lie: Aini was so busy (that wasn't a lie) that she didn't have the time to buy a present so she asked Naruto to help her buy the present. So, they decided to hand over the present in Shah Alam.

Liked this shot cos of the green field, makes me wanna sing 'where the fields are green, to see you once...' oops sorry, got carried away a bit there :p

While waiting for Hemie cos they got lost, we decided to eat first. We waited like an hour and our tummy grumbled so much. Then, when they almost arrived, the rest of us stay hidden. After Hemie saw us, 15 minutes later, she couldn't stop pinching me. *terharu lettew~* After lunch and pray, we took some snaps and played frisbee. We still had a lot of money left to burn, so they decided to watch movie. But cos the movies were on in the most inappropriate time, so plan switched to bowling. Apparently, the money was more than enough that they decided to have dinner. I couldn't go :((((

The last time we had the chance to gather like that was in April. The picnic in the rain :p So it was fun to have everybody together like the old times again! :) On to the next birthday! Eh it's getting late. Tomorrow lah, okay? :D

The Tug-of-War Vacay

The vacation was planned 2 weeks before January 1st. Mak already booked the rooms, and looked like we were good to go. Suddenly, Ayah couldn't stop coughing day and night. Mak wanted to cancel the reservation, but she couldn't. She had to pay if she were to cancel it. So, we went to PD anyway despite Ayah's coughing. The day before the trip, I took my one of my cousins and my lil bro to Wet World.

They share the same age, hence they get along

So at the hotel, I was beaming cos finally, I thought I could ride the banana boat again. How disappointed I was after I learned that the hotel was like on water, so no beach which means no banana boat! :( So Mak bought us decent swimsuits so that we could take a dip with the lil bro. 3 days of sunbathing. Great!

Trip to Kedah

Hi, long time no update, eh?

On Dec 16, I took the second half off from work to start the journey to Kedah with my family. We had a wedding invitation on the following day, so while we were there, we stayed at my uncle's house for the night. Since my lil bro was impressive in his exams *he's only 8, mind*, he demanded to stay at a hotel. And so, we spent the next day at the hotel. Why on earth did I have my alien friend with me?

She was crying on the phone, and I felt bad leaving her like that. So I took her along. She needed help with her Database assignment, so we stayed up all night *almost* to finish her assignments. She did other assignments, while I did the db one. It didn't stop there. I took a day off to finish it off but that's a different story :p

Then, the next day, Kak Cik's wedding! I didn't snap a piccie with her so I don't have anything to show off :p

P/S: Me and the retards planned to start our food adventure that weekend. I forgot that I didn't want to tell them that I couldn't go but I told them anyway. Hence, they cancelled it. Sorry :(