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March 7, 2011

Looks can be deceiving

Last month, I went to the Touch n Go counter to top up as always. Then, the lady at the counter asked me about the real card holder cos she thought I came to top up on behalf of my parents haha!

Then, a few days later, I went to the bank to open an account. Since there was a slight problem with my ic, the bank officer listed out the documents I need to bring in the following week to open an account. She checked the list and asked me whether I'm under-aged or not cos the documents are mostly in possession of someone who is not under-aged haha!

The following week I came back to the bank. This time around, I was entertained by another bank officer. While she was processing my application, she asked me of my age. I know what was on her mind and smiled at her haha!

There was once while we were buying our groceries, my mom bumped into one of her new colleagues. Her colleague asked me where I'm currently studying at haha! As usual, the mummy will say that we're sisters and she is the younger one haha! Yesterday, we bumped into another colleague of hers almost at the same spot. Saw me and told the mummy that that kid (that's me) looked similar to my mom. My mom said 'ah, that's my eldest'. Her friend asked 'Oh, tingkatan berapa ni?' hahahaha! The mummy was bursting with laughter and told her that I've already finished my studies. She was shocked and said I look tiny. Err, I have no idea why I failed to be a little bit muscular. I already ate a lot though, but no effect. The weight still stayed in the same range. Strange.

The mummy told me I got it from her cos people kept telling her that she looks younger than her age. I guess it runs in the family then haha!


Kumiko said...

hai kakak amal yg muda remaja! :)

amal miau said...

hello kakak aini yang comel :)

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