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January 8, 2011

A Turn of Events

It's funny how a turn of events can throw all the plans you've made. A few weeks ago, I've planned what I was going to do after I was done with my final year project; to stay at home for a while to study some programming languages. However, I have to abandon that plan cos my dad is running out of money since he last received his paycheck March last year. Since then, he didn't get any of his salary and now, the money can last us for a month. Which means I have to start looking for a job.

At times like this, you just have to smile and keep thinking positive as some of my friends had always told me. My personality has always gone wild whenever I've been cornered by something good and/or bad. So I'm thankful to have people who are concerned of me around. A friend gave me an advice to keep my head cool all the time. She hit me at my weak point. She told me that she loves me as much as she loves herself. I hate it when people use that reason. It really cools my temper a lot haha!

There is always a silver lining to all of this. It's just that I've yet to see it :D Ah, I better bounce. The connection drops frequently at night, makes me lose any interest to go online *sigh* Toodles, everyone~

P/S: The picture is my latest attempt on making gifs since I haven't done any since 2008 XD It was a quick job sooo it turned out to be like that haha!

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