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September 17, 2011


Last Saturday, I joined some of my schoolmates to go raya at our friends' and teachers' houses. I'm not sure whether I ate a lot or not that day cos when I reached home, my tummy was grumbling *as if I didn't eat anything at all that day =_=* At 8.50 a.m I've already waited at our 'gathering' point. Talk about getting too hyped up eh? I didn't snap any photos cos we already had so many photographers that day :p I only managed to join them to Meru, Kg Raja Uda, Kg Delek and Taman Cahaya Alam cos errr, some boundaries had been set for me, so I couldn't join to other places. Though, it was fun! I also made some new friends as well :D

crazy starians :p

This picture was stolen from Kaede's Facebook. You can check out her blog here :D

Then, the next day, some of the 8 came over to my house for raya. I hadn't seen them for weeks already, except Ila of course :p Hence, I invited them to come over ehe :D Oh and tomorrow, a new adventure with them *next post :D*

As one of them put it, 'Flyover Project committee' HAHAH

Come to think of it, I have a lot adventures lined up in my planner. But hey, life's an adventure, no?

P/S: I think I should mix around with people more so that I can build up my confidence. And some more reading as well. I haven't bought a book for years! =_=

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