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November 20, 2011

Fun in the Sun

It was fun! Thanks to Azie, who planned this trip splendidly :) I was in charge under the transportation committee, well sort of predictable there :p And so, at 7 a.m on 29the October 2011, I bade Mak goodbye and drove my way to Sunway to fetch Azie and to the office to fetch Haitham. Haitham came a bit late, and Azie was so pissed HAHAH! Around 0815, we started our journey to the Seremban rest area. We arrived there around 0845. Since it was 15 to 9, so I decided to buy some ice cream. Then, we found the others as well and continued our journey at 9.

The apartment was okay. We got it on the cheap, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a big living room summore. Enough for 11 of us :) After checking in at the apartment, we went to the beach to play some games. The first game was guarding a balloon with a partner with one of your legs tied with your partner's. I was paired with Ecah. Sadly, we lost early in both rounds HAHAH we often got down to the ground. Well, considering both were light-weights, so .... :p The second one was dodge ball! I got hit early in the game *oh no, I start to sound like a loser here*. So, I grabbed my camera and snapped away some pics.

We had a break around noon and grabbed our lunch at one of the stalls nearby. I asked the waiter whether they have Kuey Teow Kungfu or not. The dude was like couldn't take his eyes of the order and kept on writing. But I swear he nodded while he was writing. After some time, some of friends already finished eating but I still hadn't got my order yet! I asked the dude again whether they have it or not. He said no and I felt like screaming at his face cos I was damn hungry! I just stormed off to the Nasi Campur area and I saw the dude kept looking at me; feeling guilty prolly. wtf?

At 1430, we continued playing games by the beach. This time, we played tossing slippers and water-filled balloons. The team kept on failing to bring down the slippers *I'm stating to think I'm a jinx here*. After we finished with the balloons, we started to chase each other and threw the balloons. I aimed towards Bell, but she managed to dodge it! After that, we took a dip in the sea. We laughed, sang, splashed the salt water towards each other. God, when we were walking back to the shore, we had to step on the rocks. By golly, they were so sharp! I had a few bruises on my feet. Some of us got it really bad; had to dress the wounds. Luckily, I have some plasters ready in the bag. Handy, I know ;)) After dipping in the sea, we dived in the swimming pool at the hotel. It was so deep; the water was level with my neck. Most of my friends are petite, so they stayed at the side of the pool. Some of them were taking a dip in the kids' pool XDDD

Seronok gila!

After Maghrib, I went downstairs to prepare for the bbq. Luckily, I was early to set the place up. Then, came two guys claiming they had already booked the spot. But we got there first. So, we let them take the other side. As time went by, they outnumbered us and we were pushed to another spot. So, we transferred our things to another spot. Around 10 p.m., a family asked us whether we were done or not cos they already booked the place. Since we were done for the night, we packed up our things and put them upstairs. Then, we went to the public beach and played the Truth or Dare game. They didn't ask me much though; I don't really have skeletons in my closet. Around 1 a.m., we went back to the apartment to get some rest. Before going to sleep, we even had a little chit chat and laughed so much. The other girls were a bit scared; there was laughter and a few minutes later, silence fell. Pretty creepy HAHAH

The next day, even better! I didn't sleep after Subuh, so I took my camera to capture the scenery. Azie and Khai tagged along and we walked by the beach, enjoying the morning breeze wiping our faces softly. Around 9, some of the girls asked me whether I wanted to join them riding the banana boat or not. Of course I said yes! I stormed off upstairs, get changed, and got back to the beach with some money :p Nobody wanted to sit at the front, so I sat there. My clothes were wet cos I didn't dry them off yesterday after the dippings. The breeze really got me frozen on the boat; the dude was driving fast that I gripped tight of the handle. Then, the boat made a sharp turn; all right. 'Here we go'; we fell in the sea. Some of us got panicked. Our feet couldn't touch the ground. The dude told us to face the sea and pedal our way to the shore. I tried but I didn't move a single inch HAHAH so I decided to let the waves send me back to shore. Then, I saw some of the panic-stricken girls. I swam back to them, held their hand and told them to pedal. But I got separated from the pack after a few mins, then I felt someone grabbed my jacket. Bell helped me to get back to shore. She said cos I was too slow and felt like I was having a good time HAHAH

Around 12, we checked out from the apartment and made our way home. I stopped at Seremban rest area again for Zohor. I saw a familiar face in the crowd; it was my teacher! I waved at her and said hello. She asked me of my mom, what I'm doing these days, what about the other siblings and such. Well, that was the story of our trip to Port Dickson. So, what's next? :p

P/S: another point of view on the trip, can check it out here :D

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