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July 31, 2011

Pet Expo

On 3rd till 5th June, a pet expo was held at Midvalley. During the week, I didn't plan to go there cos I had a few things to be done on that weekend. Suddenly, on Sunday, all plans had changed! I was supposed to go to Seremban with my family to visit my father's friend there but something came up and my dad had to cancel the plan. When my dad told me the plan was canceled, I asked him straight away, 'can I go to the pet expo at Mid?' with a big grin on my face. My parents told me to bring the siblings along but at the end of the day, I only brought the sister along cos well, it's too complicated to explain about the boys so I'll leave it at that.

And so, there we were, boarding the train all the way to KL. We were in the middle coach aka the ladies' coach. At Shah Alam, there were some foreign guys boarding the same coach. I said to Nabilah, 'can't these people read?'. They stood just right next to us, and then we got squeezed to the wall (wall is it? hahah!). My nose is very sensitive, so when they were aboard, I could've sworn my nose sniffed some odour but I ignored it. But after we got squeezed in, the foul smell got stronger and stronger. I could barely breathe and I said to myself that we had still a long way to go, about 40 mins to arrive KL Sentral. How was I going to get through the long 40 mins? Alhamdulillah their stop was in Subang and everyone in the train was relieved haha!

A few stops later, there were Chinese tourists, if I'm not mistaken, boarding the train. Some of them are guys. This all happened in the ladies' coach. Since they didn't know about the middle coach thingy, it was fine by me. One of them realized that everyone in the coach was female, so he asked us, 'Is the coach only for ladies?'. We smiled and nodded. He apologized for it, a nice fella. Apologies are hard to come by these days. The other passengers giggled after he apologized.

Finally, we had arrived to our destination! I only looked forward to seeing cats. Anything else is a bonus :p There were lots of fluffy animals. Actually, I fancy dogs too. The dogs there were like the stuffed ones. Their coats were perfectly groomed, oh by the way, pets are allowed in this area. So the place was full with pet owners and well, their pets. We had to watch our step so as not to accidentally kick or step on them. Kang tak pasal-pasal pulak terkena anjing. Leceh, leceh

What about the cats, you ask? There was sort of a cat competition at that time. The judges were looking and checking the cats. There was this one huge cat. It had features like a lion, we called it Aslan haha! I think that could prolly be a Norwegian Forest cat but I've never seen it before in real life so I could be wrong. Some of the cats looked terrified (understandable cos Chip is also afraid of strangers. She usually runs at the sight of guests, hiding upstairs. Cute, right? :p). Some of them looked sleepy (I call them lazy cats, like Kiddy :( ), and some of them were a bit defensive as well.

The Aslan :D

The 'teddy' dog

Snakes, rabbits, geckos, hamsters, birds, sugar gliders; you name it. There were also some reps from the animal shelters. The only shelter I know is SPCA. I've never heard much about others before. A huge dog collected the donations (sort of) but poor the dog. It only sat and didn't move at all. It looked as if it lost the hind legs (or the front legs, I can't remember) but the eyes looked so sad. Suddenly I remember Hero the cat, which was found without its front legs by someone with a big heart. STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY FOR GOD'S SAKE!

We walked around the expo for about an hour. The entrance ticket was funny though; like the one you wear around your wrist before you enter Wet World haha! Afterwards, we went 'lepak' for a while and both of us managed to reach home before 7 pm :p

The companions for the day :D

P/S: Kiddy, where are you? It's been almost a year since you've gone :'(

P/P/S: Happy fasting everyone!

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