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June 29, 2011

Hari Belia

Yes, it was moons ago but what the hey. I didn't plan to go to Hari Belia at all in the first place. The story went like this; one of the besties texted me (like every other day) and she told me that she was going to take part in a marathon. Since she likes physical activities, so no wonder why she wanted to take part in it. She told me that her cousin asked her to join and there was an extra shirt for the marathon. So I thought that the extra shirt was for her. The day before the marathon, I found out that the extra shirt was actually for me. Oh no! I haven't run in 5 years. And she expected me to run for 5 km. Err, I still can sprint but for a long distance run, oh dear. No. NO. NOOOOO!!!!

The night before the marathon, I stayed at her house cos we had to be in Putrajaya before 730 am. At 6, we were already up. Before we left the house, we've had breakfast in the form of nagging from her father. He was worried cos we didn't even train to run for 5km. She told her father not to worry cos we were in it to have fun, to enjoy ourselves. Not in it to win it at all. But the funny thing is, we arrived in Putrajaya 15 to 8. HAHAH! We had to find the marathon camp, it might take a few mins. We couldn't make it on time. So we thought hard whether to join the run or not. At last, we decided to change and we headed to Sunway Pyramid to sing our hearts out. While trying to get out of Putrajaya, man it was chaos. The other side of the road was closed. So the opposite traffic was also on the left side of the road. The traffic wasn't aware of it so both traffic was stuck. And the roads were closed here and there. We got lost and the next thing we knew we were driving in circles. Finally, we were out of Putrajaya and shot straight to Sunwayyyy~

When we reached home, we admitted shamelessly that we didn't run even a single inch that day haha! So the moral of the story is 'jangan nak beriye sangat' XDDDD

June 8, 2011

Movie Marathon

This post should be up a month ago but what the hey. I didn't feel like updating last month. Please don't ask me why haha!

On May 7 (yes, last month, see?), my friends and I went to see Fast Five and Thor consecutively. Luckily for me, the second movie started right away after the first one. So I got to watch both movies :D Which reminds me I need to pay back my friend for that day's expenses =_=

While I was on my way home, suddenly there was this very bad crawl at Sungai Rasau Toll. It was already late, the daddy at home nagged at the sister due to me not reaching home yet at 7 pm =_= It turned out there was a road block. It was chaos. Lucky for me, the daddy didn't say anything about it after I reached home :D

And on to the next adventure!