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September 26, 2011

Down South

Weird title. Prolly some people may think I actually want to say Down Under hahah no no no, I can't afford to go and 'wash my eyes' with some Aussies :p Anyway, on Sept 19, I finally got to drive outside Klang Valley for the first time, all the way to Melaka. Then, one of my friends took over till Pontian. Ila's brother was getting married that day and I was invited. My family couldn't make it, so I decided to go with the 8. Well, some of them. And so, I started fetching one by one at their respective homes after 8 a.m. Luckily for me, the traffic was good that morning. Around 11, we reached Melaka to fetch Naruto there. Then, around 11.20, we continued our journey to south heheh

Finally, at 1 p.m, we arrived at Pontian! So the next time around, I surely won't get lost while on the way to Ila's house :D Ila was surprised to see her dearie actually made it to the wedding cos he told her he didn't want to come just to play a prank on her *wei cepat kawen la oi hahah* In the first place, I was about to do the same to her but when I saw her in class on Monday, I couldn't help but tell her that I would be coming to the wedding. If I knew Haziq was gonna do the same thing, I would have made him my crime partner for that hahah

2 hours later after our arrival, the bride and groom finally arrived. A few minutes later, we headed back to Melaka to go beraya at Naruto's house. Just like some of us said, 'pegi Melaka 2 kali dalam masa sehari' XDDD He has a few kitties at home, and I got to play with them after not having a kitten under our roof since Raya last year :( His family served us I-dunno-what-noodle cos they claimed it's a new recipe but by golly, it was delicious! Since I thought I had to keep my eyes open for the journey back home, I didn't eat as much as I would. But in the end, one of my friends drove all the way back to KL.

On the way home, the thing I dreaded the most; traffic jam around Seremban and Senawang exit. My training classmates were also out to beraya in Seremban that day. They also got stuck in the same traffic jam XD I reached home at 11.10pm cos I got stuck in the Federal Highway =_=. Weird thing is I didn't feel sleepy at all that night.

Next year, Ila's eldest bro will be getting married. For sure she will invite us again. Let's do that again! :p

Ha yang dok menjemput tu bila pulak? :p

P/S: Eh makin lawa pulak gambar tu bila da edit :p

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