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August 21, 2011

Class Building? hahah

Couldn't come out with a better title. Excuse the pun. Anyway, last Thursday, after weeks of planning, finally, we've got to break fast together, with the whole class. Well, not all of them, a couple of them couldn't make it, but it's okay :D Ehem, for some people who actually wondered how on earth did I manage to convince my dad for this? It's cos I didn't eat much cos of PMS and I managed to reach home at 8.30 pm. If I ate with my normal tempo, bet I would be home by 11 pm prolly. Well, that's if I'm lucky. Aaaanywayyyy, some of the girls already made a reservation at Molek Restaurant Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. Hey, am I still in the Pusat Komersial area even after I've graduated? HAHAH

And so, after class, I went home first along with Ila cos she wanted to eat some gimbal and the Makcik Su's currypuffs. We didn't pay like the rest of the class cos we're broke for the month. I don't know about Ila but I only have 9 dollars for the month till this 25th *suddenly I feel like cursing. I need my bloody salary!*. Which reminds me, I've yet to pay Ila for my Milo Ais =_=

Back to the topic, I was a bit shocked to see the guys eat. Maybe I wasn't used to seeing other people break fast. My family only eat some kuihs and murtabaks so to watch them eat with rice and all, it was like a feast! If it wasn't in the fasting month, for sure I could eat till there was no leftovers. But hey, it's too early for me to let out my big-of-a-tank appetite in front of them. Not yet hahah!

Still I had a great time with them. I'm not much of a talker, so I just listened to their jokes and laughter. At that time, suddenly I remembered the 8. After class, gone to lunch/dinner/both like that. Oh how I miss those days =_=

So thanks to my classmates for planning the break fasting feast. I really had a great time. So what's next? :p

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