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March 6, 2011

It's been a while since I posted something on here. Don't have the time to update these days, like my family used to say to me, 'ye la, orang da berkerjaya la katekan. haha!' yeah, right.

Actually, I've been having a rough time these days. But hey, I'm not going to babble them out here. I want to keep the blog free from negativities :p nah, I may post rants at times but not that frequent like I used to haha!

*Cut the crap and get on with the story* Oh yes, on Sunday last week, a friend's sister was getting married and she invited me. So me and one of my besties attended the wedding. The best shot that day was this one, which is my favourite :p

We met some of the schoolmates there. My bestie couldn't remember some of them haha! My eyes were almost popped out cos I was so shocked that she actually forgot some of her schoolmates haha! It was fun though. As always, I didn't talk much. Just enjoy listening to the others. Maybe I'm one of those who listen. When I talk, usually it will come out wrong. At times, people get me wrong. I'm not good with words, so I better shut up rather than say anything. Ah well, spent too much time at the wedding and got home 4 hours later. Luckily the daddy wasn't home by the time I got home haha!

Actually, I've been missing those retards. Next week, I'll be seeing some of them I guess haha! *kecoh*

I feel like singing my heart out you know. The last time I went for a round was when everyone had sore throat and I was the only one who didn't suffer the same thing. Good timing? ahaha!


Kumiko said...

tiap kali rasa nak sangat2 karok, mesti tringat amal, bukan naruto sebab dia suke sangat sekat aini dri nk nyanyi lagu feveret!
syhh,...jgn bgtau dia :p

amal miau said...

haha! takpe, lain kali kite pegi satu round ok? hehe

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