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September 27, 2011

Awana Domino Race

Yes, it was a race. But the race didn't take long but it got me stretched to my limit all right. Everything didn't come out right for me since Day 1. The night before the trip to Awana, I forgot to set my alarm clock a little bit earlier than every other day. I hopped out of bed after I heard Ila told me that it was already 6.30 am. 6.30!?! I promised my friends that I would meet them up at 6.15 grrrr~ at 7.10, I fetched my friends at Seksyen 7 while another group of friends had already started their journey cos I was so late. So I shot to Genting Sempah as fast as I could. The traffic in NKVE at the Shah Alam-Damansara was going to get congested, and that slowed me down a bit. Then, Khairul called me up when I reached Gombak. I started panicking. I couldn't drive 120 kmph cos the of the hilly roads. My car couldn't go that fast in that condition. By the time I reached the Genting Sempah rest area, it was already 8 am. Some of my friends brought some breakfast and helped themselves while waiting for me.

A few minutes later, we started climbing the steep road to Awana. My car kept making this constant noise. I tried lowering the gear, but the car made a roaring sound. So I changed it back, it still made some noise but better than the previous one. After enjoying the view and breeze on the hills, we finally arrived at the hotel. Yeay! The last time I was there, about 3 years ago, the parking lot was full. That day, there were not that many cars but still, the management closed the lowest parking floor errr

We gathered at the function room and there, we were divided into 3 groups; combining with another class as well. So I was in the Blue team; the first task was to find a dude who had our caps and shirts. Put on our shirts and ran straight away to the next task. We had to search for clues; like in the Amazing Race. Complete a task, you'll get the next clue. We had to cross a mine field three times, cross a crocodile pit (yes, I fell into the water twice) and played in mini indoor sports like archery, absailing, wall climbing and squash.

I didn't hit the target at all; I got stuck while coming down the wall in absailing, it was so embarrassing. You see, I have this tiny arms. So I had this major difficulties to push my weight up. Plus, I had to kneel on the wall to support my weight. My knees were swollen cos of that =_= I think I have a balancing problem; I tend to go to the right cos I swayed to the right twice in absailing and I climbed the wall to the right. The guys in my team laughed at me real hard cos of that. While climbing, again I had the trouble to push myself up. My arms were already at its limit but I had my friends counting on me to finish climbing on time, so I pushed myself up anyway. Oh there was only one thing I can be proud of, which is squash cos I managed to hit a balloon to fall heheh

Half of the day had already passed, my knees, arms and shoulders were killing me. We checked in to our rooms; I shared the same room with Ila. Maybe it's cos of our name order in the list. Maybe. We washed up ourselves and had our dinner. After dinner, we planned to take the cable car up to Genting. Another embarrassing thing happened. On the way to the cable car station, I got lost with the others, so I stayed by the roadside, waiting for the others to come. The engine was already emitted a bad smell, and then I thought the others wanted to stop for a while. So, I turned off the engine. Then, the others flicked their signals to start the journey again. I quickly turned on the ignition but the car wouldn't start. I started to get panic. I tried again; no luck. I stopped the others, and they got out of their car. The guys opened up the hood; the smell was quite strong. At that time, I thought I was so dead. My dad's gonna kill me for this. A few minutes later, I remembered that the gear could be the problem. I told them that could be the problem; they felt like hitting me one by one hahahah then, we made our move to the station.

Since it was dark in the night, I didn't feel the height that much except when it started elevating and descending. We didn't get to spend much time there cos the station would be closed at 11pm, so we snapped some piccies and boarded the cable car around 1045 pm. On the way home, some of us in the car shared some scary stories with each other. I didn't mind much about that cos I'm not weak-hearted :p The journey back didn't feel that long compared to the journey up. Strange.

Some of us :D

We got back to the hotel and took a rest for the next day. The next day was a bit torture to our emotions and tension. We had to assemble dominoes depicting the 5 key areas of competencies. As always, I would always get the hardest one. I got selected to the big group. When it's a big group, for sure bigger illustration, more dominoes. Bloody hell. I knocked over some of the dominoes 3 4 times. I managed to control my mouth from swearing cos I know that would affect the others' emotions and motivations as well. So I just laughed and let out a small cry when I knocked some of the dominoes down heheh at the end, we knocked more dominoes, so we didn't get to complete the illustration. We just covered the perimeters and let the fallen middle be. It took like what, 3 or 4 hours assembling the dominoes. All it took was a minute to knock them all down =_=

After putting the dominoes back in the tubs, we started our journey back home. One thing I've learned while going down the steep road; never to drive my car again there. I didn't have to touch my acceleration pedal, I had to brake all the way down. But still the car was going down to fast, that I almost hit my friend's car twice. Luckily there was no car on the right lane, so I quickly jumped off to the right lane so as not to hit my friend's car. I was shaken all day cos of that; then on Monday, I still felt a bit traumatic to drive but I had to drive anyway. Who else is gonna drive me to class then? =_=

Oh yes, the food. It was heaven; lots of delicious delicacies. I eat slowly so I couldn't eat much like I used to. But some of my friends who are even more thinner than me, eat more than me. The food was really good; sadly, I couldn't eat them all cos of the time constraint :p

Even though I felt embarrassed for 2 days, I still had a lot of fun there. And so, roll on to the next adventure! :D

September 26, 2011

Down South

Weird title. Prolly some people may think I actually want to say Down Under hahah no no no, I can't afford to go and 'wash my eyes' with some Aussies :p Anyway, on Sept 19, I finally got to drive outside Klang Valley for the first time, all the way to Melaka. Then, one of my friends took over till Pontian. Ila's brother was getting married that day and I was invited. My family couldn't make it, so I decided to go with the 8. Well, some of them. And so, I started fetching one by one at their respective homes after 8 a.m. Luckily for me, the traffic was good that morning. Around 11, we reached Melaka to fetch Naruto there. Then, around 11.20, we continued our journey to south heheh

Finally, at 1 p.m, we arrived at Pontian! So the next time around, I surely won't get lost while on the way to Ila's house :D Ila was surprised to see her dearie actually made it to the wedding cos he told her he didn't want to come just to play a prank on her *wei cepat kawen la oi hahah* In the first place, I was about to do the same to her but when I saw her in class on Monday, I couldn't help but tell her that I would be coming to the wedding. If I knew Haziq was gonna do the same thing, I would have made him my crime partner for that hahah

2 hours later after our arrival, the bride and groom finally arrived. A few minutes later, we headed back to Melaka to go beraya at Naruto's house. Just like some of us said, 'pegi Melaka 2 kali dalam masa sehari' XDDD He has a few kitties at home, and I got to play with them after not having a kitten under our roof since Raya last year :( His family served us I-dunno-what-noodle cos they claimed it's a new recipe but by golly, it was delicious! Since I thought I had to keep my eyes open for the journey back home, I didn't eat as much as I would. But in the end, one of my friends drove all the way back to KL.

On the way home, the thing I dreaded the most; traffic jam around Seremban and Senawang exit. My training classmates were also out to beraya in Seremban that day. They also got stuck in the same traffic jam XD I reached home at 11.10pm cos I got stuck in the Federal Highway =_=. Weird thing is I didn't feel sleepy at all that night.

Next year, Ila's eldest bro will be getting married. For sure she will invite us again. Let's do that again! :p

Ha yang dok menjemput tu bila pulak? :p

P/S: Eh makin lawa pulak gambar tu bila da edit :p

September 17, 2011


Last Saturday, I joined some of my schoolmates to go raya at our friends' and teachers' houses. I'm not sure whether I ate a lot or not that day cos when I reached home, my tummy was grumbling *as if I didn't eat anything at all that day =_=* At 8.50 a.m I've already waited at our 'gathering' point. Talk about getting too hyped up eh? I didn't snap any photos cos we already had so many photographers that day :p I only managed to join them to Meru, Kg Raja Uda, Kg Delek and Taman Cahaya Alam cos errr, some boundaries had been set for me, so I couldn't join to other places. Though, it was fun! I also made some new friends as well :D

crazy starians :p

This picture was stolen from Kaede's Facebook. You can check out her blog here :D

Then, the next day, some of the 8 came over to my house for raya. I hadn't seen them for weeks already, except Ila of course :p Hence, I invited them to come over ehe :D Oh and tomorrow, a new adventure with them *next post :D*

As one of them put it, 'Flyover Project committee' HAHAH

Come to think of it, I have a lot adventures lined up in my planner. But hey, life's an adventure, no?

P/S: I think I should mix around with people more so that I can build up my confidence. And some more reading as well. I haven't bought a book for years! =_=