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February 11, 2011


Yesterday, I followed my sister and her friend to I-City. I must say I was shocked when we had to pay at the entrance. Quite expensive too, RM10. I can fill up the tank to go to work for a day with the same amount of money pfftt~ Not only that, there was a giraffe we saw while we were on our way to the parking lot. But the giraffe was out-of-bounds, for us at least cos we had to pay to go the giraffe section. No idea why we didn't go around the whole place. Prolly cos of the money constraint.

Then, we came across a reptile exhibition. Yes, have to pay also to see the exhibition. Each entry for RM5 in weekdays, weekends RM8. Nothing much in it, just a few big and fat frogs, long and short snakes, hairy spiders and a racoon was there too. I wonder if racoons are reptiles. Anyway, I didn't get to snap much piccies there.

konon cam nak panjat haha!

nak tunjuk rawsha je sebenarnye haha!

Then, I saw ar-Rawsha there. I could hardly believe that it was so near to us (rather than having to go all the way to KL). So I told a friend of mine about it and he was ecstatic about it, he suddenly wanted to work there or something along those lines haha!

Sorry for the lack of updates these days. I haven't gone to anywhere much lately cos I don't have any money haha! Plus, I've started working already. No longer can go and enjoy around with friends on weekdays haha! Work is fun although I'm not good at it. No, that's not quite right. I know nuts about my work haha! But we need to learn something new everyday yeah.

Chip's already sat on my arm and she kept walking right in front of my face. Difficult to type and think. Prolly that's the sign for me to stop for now. Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

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