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April 20, 2011

4 Crazy Days

Last Saturday, I went to Berjaya Times Square with Man, Teha and lil Aina, Teha's niece. The original plan was to go there by taking a train from Kelana Jaya. Suddenly, the Federal Highway was congested. So I told Teha to take the Subang exit. SInce we couldn't reach Kelana Jaya, Teha decided to drive all the way to KL. Since my companions know nuts about roads to KL, so I told her to take Damansara exit. By golly, it was congested also! So while we were stuck there, we joked around. We spent more than an hour on the road, just to reach KL. So, the objective was for Teha to buy a birthday present for a kid next door. Man and I were just tagging along. Then, suddenly I found a cute shirt and a tie. So I bought them cos they were quite cheap. That was my first shopping using my own hard-earned money ehe

On the way home, I told Teha that I would drive while she and Man could come up with a place to eat. I drove all the way to Setia Alam, had some pizza, poked fun at Man for laying his eyes on a waitress there (still going on about it now haha!). The only disappointment was I didn't make it to meet some of the retards, mainly cos I'm not allowed to go out with friends at night. But it's okay. Next time yeah

Then, on Sunday, around 2 pm, me and my sister were ready to attend a wedding. But the daddy was still busy fixing the computer for our relatives (let's stick to that, it's quite complicated). He said we'd go after 7, but he was still not done with the fixing. At 9 pm, he drove like a madman, speeding all the way to Hulu Langat. He blamed me for messing up with the kickoff time for Arsenal v Liverpool match. I told him it was at 12 am but when I told him it was actually on at 11, he didn't hear and there you go. War of words blergh~ Surprisingly, we only missed the first 4 mins of the game, so he was cool with it. No longer bringing the issue up ever again.

On Monday, the boss told me that I had received my last month's salary. Weeee~ suddenly, I came up with a crazy idea to find a new shirt to wear for work. So I asked Fariz to accompany me that evening. I didn't buy any clothes though, cos I found something I've been looking for a long, long time. Since I need to plan ahead financially, I decided not to buy any clothes for the time being.

Then, on Tuesday, Teha asked me to go shopping with her cos she wasn't quite comfortable having Man around while shopping. So, after work, we parked somewhere around Kerinchi Station, and took a train to Bukit Bintang, no actually two trains but anyway, it was a bit tiring cos I didn't eat any lunch, no I didn't eat since Monday night actually. Wow almost 24 hours. Don't try this at home kids :p

Not just weekends, the Weekenders are active at times on weekdays. Should I call them the Weekdayers then? It sounds kinda douchy so better stick to Weekenders only haha! I need to finish off my work for now. Till the weekend then :p


Aren Alin said...

kak amal..alin follow balik.. :)
ingat alin lagi kan? heee~

amal miau said...

mesti la ingat haha!

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