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February 20, 2011

A Walk to Remember?

Last Tuesday, I went to Bukit Cerakah with one of my besties. We planned to cycle around the park but unfortunately, the bikes were all gone. So we walked for almost 5km to meet up with another bestie of ours who was having a sort of family day with her classmates. We managed to snap some piccies since we didn't ride a bike. A blessing in disguise perhaps? :p

We went to the animal park. There was like a ferret I think, while I was standing beside it to pose for a pic, that thing sneezed at me hahaha! One of the peacocks wanted to hit my friend's back while she had her back to its cage. It was a funny sight haha!

While we were walking, we exchanged stories; about work/study, family, friends, etc. Again, another blessing :p I needed some fresh air anyway, so to be able to walk around once in a while is nice. When we were walking, we bumped into a family of 5. The daddy asked us why we didn't take the bus. We replied we just wanted to exercise. He laughed and his wife wished us happy exercising :D

After we met our bestie, we had a little rest by the hut and waited for the bus to pick us up. Nah uh, no more walking. I had used up all of my energy. After that, we grabbed our lunch and as usual, one meal wasn't enough for me but since I didn't have much money, I had my second helpings of lunch at home. God, I guess what my friends say are true then, that I have a tummy with the size of a tank enough for a single housing area and my appetite is quite scary haha!

Also not forgetting, I went to I-City again yesterday haha! My mom always wanted to go there but didn't get the chance. So we went there yesterday. There was some kind of motorbikes exhibition going on there. The bikes even have price tags on them. One of them worth RM8900. Bloody hell. Who's crazy enough to throw that kind of money over a bike anyway?

That sums up my weekend. Well, have a great week everyone :)


Aiza Aidid said...

yang last part pasl motor tu, u'll be surprise! contoh plg dekat. ayah kite..haha

amal miau said...

pergh siyes? gile ah bapak put. nak buat ape dengan moto 4 tayar tu hahah

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. die takde la bli lg.. tp cm die mnt la..byk plak space kan kat umg kck ni..haha

amal miau said...

kecik ke umah put? kite rase besar je hoho

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