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May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ila

I can still remember the day when we celebrated her birthday last year. It feels as if it was just yesterday. I was quite envious at that time actually cos I have never ever celebrated my birthday with my friends =_= *trying not to take the shine off the birthday girl haha!*

This year, she's quite far away cos of her job. I think her job is quite cool. You never know where you'll be working for a few weeks and some other weeks in somewhere else. Don't have to sit and stuck at one place the whole time. Or maybe cos I need a vacation haha! *merepek lagi*

And so, happy birthday Ila. Kek tu kalau ade, passing2 la sini sikit (ayat mintak bebel dari Ila HAHA). One thing I miss the most is to hear her nags though. You don't want to be in the middle of it haha! *argh mepek lagi*

Present? Jangan tanye. Gaji tak masuk lagi (as at the time of posting) :D Once again, happy birthday and have a blast! :)

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