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May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ila

I can still remember the day when we celebrated her birthday last year. It feels as if it was just yesterday. I was quite envious at that time actually cos I have never ever celebrated my birthday with my friends =_= *trying not to take the shine off the birthday girl haha!*

This year, she's quite far away cos of her job. I think her job is quite cool. You never know where you'll be working for a few weeks and some other weeks in somewhere else. Don't have to sit and stuck at one place the whole time. Or maybe cos I need a vacation haha! *merepek lagi*

And so, happy birthday Ila. Kek tu kalau ade, passing2 la sini sikit (ayat mintak bebel dari Ila HAHA). One thing I miss the most is to hear her nags though. You don't want to be in the middle of it haha! *argh mepek lagi*

Present? Jangan tanye. Gaji tak masuk lagi (as at the time of posting) :D Once again, happy birthday and have a blast! :)

May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Aini

Ada la orang tu, dia tak puas hati sebab masa birthday dia, dia tak dapat free call dari Maxis. Tapi secara logiknya, patutnya orang lain la yang kena call birthday girl kan. Bukannya birthday girl yang calling2 orang. Tapi takpe, saya rasa sebenarnya dia nak cakap dengan 'sorang' ni je hahah!

One of my friends that I share joy and pain together; finally she has a job after feeling down seeing other friends already landed themselves a job. Even though she loves her job as a teacher, she didn't continue to be in the profession and chose to brave her way in the IT field. She's one little viking (I'm prolly over the top on this one but heck haha!) I personally think her training is quite cool and it reminds me of those school days, dunno why haha! She lives not that far away from me but not that I can see her often =_= but never mind, this 18th we surely will! :) And take lots of piccies too XD

May you have a good year till the next birthday and all the best in your training! :D Not good in programming? So what? That's what training is for, silly :p

P/S: Rindu nak karok dengan korang. Bila la nak dapat peluang tu agaknya ye? T_T

P/P/S: Rojak pulak post kali ni. Maaf la ye haha!

P/P/P/S: (Berapa banyak daaa?) Tak dapat nak celebrate birthday korang tahun ni dengan menembak2 korang macam tahun lepas. Dengar korang terjerit kecik kena tembak punya pasal. Senapang air tu masih boleh digunakan ye haha!