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November 20, 2011


After a few attempts to meet up, finally on the 8th of November 2011, we managed to have our little reunion at Dataran Shah Alam. Yes, I was the 'organizer'. A few days before, I already assigned who to bring what on that day. The girls would bring food while the guys bring the drinks and other stuff. At first, 10 of us would be there. But at the 11th hour, half of them couldn't make it so there were only 5 of us that day. Thanks for coming, guys! We had a little chat; as usual, 'buat apa sekarang', 'bila nak kawen' HAHAH!; reminiscing the matriculation days. I didn't know one of them worked just beside my dad's office. What a small world eh?

One of them told me that I look a bit chubby *imagine how skinny I was at 19 :p* and I was asked why I extended my studies *the dreaded question*. I told them I failed my proposal paper. Should look at their faces, pure shock! HAHAH Well, you can fail at some point of your life. I'm glad I have failed in the early stages of life rather than later in life, no? One of them asked jokingly whether I failed cos of dating life crisis or something. I smiled and I answered, 'Maybe'. Then, he asked me whether I'm still single or not, with a smirk on his face. I felt like punching his face or some sort at that time. That smirk was annoying to the core HAHAH at first, he couldn't accept my answer but then, I swear he was like having a second thought and he didn't argue after that.

Macam retis korang kan? HAHAH 

Next time, plan something better for the reunion. No, it's not gonna be me to plan again :p

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