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September 19, 2014

One Direction

So what is it so special with these lads that got me hooked? It started when I went out with a few close friends. I am the type that listens but rarely talks, so they prolly tried to get me into talking that they sneered at me with something about 1D which I can vaguely remember. When I got home, I was actually worked up by the teasing. Then, it hit me; they are a boyband. I love boybands! And there are not a lot of boybands in this era. Plus, I know a lot of their hit songs; catchy tunes I might add. So I took a listen to their 2nd album, Take Me Home, which is my favourite one so far. There is nothing on that album that will make me hit that skip button. The second day I had their album in my playlist, my sister heard One Thing blasting out loudly in my headphones and her response was, 'euw why is that song playing?'

And this came in when I felt really low. Have you ever felt you have been given a lifeline, only to be ripped off from it so suddenly that you got too disoriented? It kind of felt like that; and every song in that album really lifted me up. They sounded so cheerful, so happy; they remind me of my teenage days, how it felt to be a teenager again. It was really nice. The positive vibe was so radiant that it left no space for negativity. Over time, of course there will always be a favourite member in the band :P who cares they are 3 - 6 years younger than me? I do look like I'm in their age range, or maybe even younger than that ;)

Since then, I've been following their releases closely; their second movie will be out in October, only for a weekend. And get this, the movie will only be available on 11th and 12th of October, and I have a morning run on the 12th *I crey* and the tickets are already available now in most countries but not here :( and their 4th album will be out later this year, can't wait for that! They even gave a free teaser from 'Four'; Fireproof is like a foreshadow that they are heading down the Westlife lane but I'm not settling for anything just yet. Ah, roll on November! Oh yes, even 1D Day! They had this 7-hour live streaming last year, which in local time, started at 3 am. Yes, bloody hell, did I wake up and watch it HAHAHAH it was fun and the fandom is hoping for another run this year. Don't bet on it, girls. The guys are too busy, and I feel sorry for them sometimes. Yes, they get to live their dreams and all but I hope exhaustion will not be the cause of their downfall.

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So to sum it up, the boys make me feel like a teenager again and they helped me to get over one of the crappiest moments in my life. Some people will deffo ask, why not just deal with your miseries head on, instead of running away from it? Sometimes, dear friend, you will never get the answers to everything. It's best to just replace it, rather than to rue over it for far too long. I made a promise; which it was my kryptonite and that promise together had sealed off my rights of sharing my horrible feelings to anyone at that point of time. So thank you, Niall, Liam, Louis, Harry and Zayn :)

"They say when a door closes, another opens. I went to the opened door, only to have it slammed shut at my face with my foot stuck under the door. For too long I waited there but then I realized, there will always be another opened door. But this time, I'm afraid to even walk towards it."

September 12, 2014

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen Initiative

2 years ago, oh my, how time flies aye? Yes, a couple of years back, I joined the Pertiwi Soup Kitchen Initiative program as one of the representatives from the company. Well, mainly because I need to volunteer to get that one extra day off from work. But, it was a life-changing experience. The initiative is to feed homeless people in KL, so we were to distribute food and drinks and also some supplement tablets at a few spots around town. Some of those who came were actually the target group of people, and there were also some who were completely capable of buying those necessities at their own expense, and I felt that wasn't fair. But in the midst of the non-stop distribution, we couldn't really argue with these selfish people so we just went on to finish the job. Watching the needy people can actually make you count your blessings or wherever you are in life, crappy or heavenly; because it could have been worse for you.

We followed the distribution truck from one spot to another; there were 4 or 5 spots if my memory serves me right. *well my memory no longer works as efficiently as it once was* Following a truck on Friday night in KL would always spell out misery if you are not familiar with the streets and alleys and roads. In my book, it is always a bad idea to drive in KL, unless there is a need to wade in through the massive traffic. I prefer to take the train; no parking or traffic worries. But like I said, if you know the right highway and exit at the right time, you can actually beat the dreaded heavy traffic in and out of the city HEHEHE *oh wait, I'm starting to get wayyy off topic right now*

I remembered there was this pakcik, he came up to me for a chit chat. He asked me, you know, general questions. But when he started to ask specific questions, I shrugged it off quite brilliantly. Considering my bad communication skills, that was quite an achievement for me HAHAH by midnight, we wrapped it up and called it a night. One day of leave, check!

September 5, 2014

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I would like to apologize over my promise for weekly posts! Hahahahah I truly am sorry. It's just that I have heaps of things piled in my mind that I can't find the rhythm to start putting some up. Yes, it does frustrate me all the time. Writing is what I do as some sort of a therapy. It does not necessarily mean you'd have to share those mind-bogglers, sometimes small things can sort your head even just for a little while. Oops, sorry for being too emotional this early in the morning. Okay, too many apologies can actually make people sick of me hahah hope everyone is doing okay ;) I can't promise updates on a constant basis, but actually, I do have some drafts already lined up in my queue. Just need a little bit of effort to continue blabbing, I guess :P

February 5, 2014

Teha G-Day

After a streak of hardships, she finally graduated HAHAHAHAHAHA I booked the day off from work, drove to the graduation; I'm not sure whether I told her that I was going to be there or not, but either way, I would have come :p She took me to a carnival or some sort, and it was food heaven! I got myself that Uncle Bob chicken, and a couple of drinks to get me by. Of course we would go around the clothing booths but as always, I'm not that interested HAHAHA

This is so frustrating, I don't have much to say cos these events were ages ago, and my mind has disengaged from remembering little details these days. Gah I hope I'll be alright

January 29, 2014

Naruto and Tamtam's B-Day

We celebrated the September babies at Strawberry Fields Cafe in PJ. I've been there myself for a few times already, and yet I still find myself undecided when trying to choose what to order. Each page of the menu has like 30 choices, and there are like 5 or 6 pages. And somehow I end up eating the same thing everytime; mac & cheese aharharhar

We bought the cake at A Slice of Heaven and it was not that heavenly to my taste buds. I took out the cake from the car after we had finished with our meal. Well, it wasn't much of a surprise really cos we celebrated every other member that year so it was really predictable. And that was the final birthday celebration we had, well as a group.

Yes, I would be updating my blog weekly after this. Thanks to my silent readers though. I was down for too long and I really didn't have the heart to blog anything anymore. Kind words from my friends got me into blogging again, plus my writing skills suck so bad that I feel the need to start mumbling again bwahahaha