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January 29, 2014

Naruto and Tamtam's B-Day

We celebrated the September babies at Strawberry Fields Cafe in PJ. I've been there myself for a few times already, and yet I still find myself undecided when trying to choose what to order. Each page of the menu has like 30 choices, and there are like 5 or 6 pages. And somehow I end up eating the same thing everytime; mac & cheese aharharhar

We bought the cake at A Slice of Heaven and it was not that heavenly to my taste buds. I took out the cake from the car after we had finished with our meal. Well, it wasn't much of a surprise really cos we celebrated every other member that year so it was really predictable. And that was the final birthday celebration we had, well as a group.

Yes, I would be updating my blog weekly after this. Thanks to my silent readers though. I was down for too long and I really didn't have the heart to blog anything anymore. Kind words from my friends got me into blogging again, plus my writing skills suck so bad that I feel the need to start mumbling again bwahahaha

January 22, 2014

Put's E- and Wedding Day

I know I'm waayyy behind now, but it's never too late to put it up here y'know? :p and I even had to put it in a bundle aharharhar

These two were my classmates back in my matriculation days. They got engaged in Sept 2012 and got married 8 months later. Of course, I was the maid of honour. I had the chance to hear her chucking out 99% of things that till now I still don't get it. That is like an alien territory for me there. So I just be a good listener for her ramblings and wedding planning stories. Well, she wasn't that nervous till the moment she waited for the groom to arrive. And this happy couple is now expecting their first baby. Yeayyy, congrats! Psst~ dear baby, be a Liverpool supporter like your dad and Cimal Lady P HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH comel kan, I know :p

We even had the chance for a mini F3P4 reunion at the wedding reception, cheapskate, we know :p You can check her all-new blog here. Dear Put, you can be an awesome studying mom. See, she's going to be a super mom cos she's taking her masters degree. All the best! :)

P/S: When are you going to decide for the house warming? I believe the house is already warm :P