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March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Teha

A year older but her response was like 'so what?' XD

A gossip partner (I have another one by the way in the form of Put XP) who I can rely on always on anytime of the day, of the week. She will always be there. In fact, she's like a part of my family already.

She loves to tease me whenever I wear something that I usually didn't wear a few years ago. Despite her teasing, she had always been supportive of me in giving opinions of my appearance and a lot of things as well (oops takleh gitau la kan haha!)

Although we always enjoyed ourselves and had a good time together, we happen to be fighting a lot, though not all the time. Usually big fights will take place once in a year so hopefully it stays that way forever XD

But those fights really brought us together closer. Small fights happen almost every now and then haha! Recent ones would be I kept nagging her about her addiction to shopping. Her wardrobe is going to blast out all her clothes and still, she wants to buy some more even though she has some more clothes in there that she hasn't worn yet. Duhh~

We went through a lot last year, so hopefully this year will be better. Wait a second, had we ever have a good year anyway haha!

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