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March 20, 2011


Yesterday, I brought the lil bro along with my friends to watch the hot air balloons. We didn't know that the balloons have their schedules. So by the time we got there, there was no balloon sighted! I was so disappointed but then, we bumped into Lord Vader himself which lessen the disappointment :p

Then, we went somewhere else to grab our lunch cos too many people were present. As always, I ate too much that I could hardly walk. Come to think about it, it felt like I drove more than 100km just to grab something to eat rather than to watch the balloons. Pfftt~ haha! It was fun despite the absence of the balloons.

While I was on my way home, I received a call from a relative, telling me that they wanted to come over. We took them out to have dinner and once again, I finished all the food, well not all, but almost :p Now that I'm bloated, I feel like sleeping right now XDDDD

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