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July 17, 2011

Graduation Day

2 months late, yeah, yeah. Last May, finally, finally..... we've graduated HAHAH! Months before May, the mummy already asked me what I wanted to wear on my graduation day. Errr, a week before the day, we looked for one cos I hadn't had a single idea what to wear. Stuck between brown or purple kebaya, the purple looked like UiTM purple. So had to throw the idea out the window and chose brown instead. The mummy and I each paid half for the baju. The mummy said she could wear it sometime. A few days after the graduation day, she wore it to school alright XD

2 days before the big day, we all had this photoshoot around the campus cos we anticipated that on the big day, we might not have the time to take photos cos everyone would be busy with their family and stuff. It turned out to be a good move. Under the blazing sun, draped in our thick robes, we put on a smile for the camera. Afterwards, I took some of the friends and the sister out for lunch. The bill was on me, btw :p

The mummy and the daddy :D

Poor the mummy had to walk for miles cos the daddy thought he parked somewhere near the big hall. Later that day, they parked somewhere nearer to the hall cos they went out early to fetch the sister from college.

Oh not forgetting, the mummy told me when I walked on that stage, I looked like a gangster in high heels walking towards the Pro-Chancellor HAHAH! Sorry for my lack of feminine genes =_= XDDD

And these kids too. They waited for hours outside in the heat, along with the parents while me and the friends in the hall were like "When is this gonna be over?" haha! Afterwards, again I brought them to have dinner in Laman Seri. Since I was touched cos of their presence on that day, so I told them not to spend a dime for the dinner :p *Oh dear, I kept mocking my mom for her love to feed people. Apparently, I'm taking that after her haha! It's a nice feeling what to see their happy faces just by paying for their food. Am I right or am I right?*

Any plans for furthering my studies? No, I'm thesisophobia :p

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