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January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Haziq

The birthday guy and his petite gal :D

The most enthusiastic person I've ever known. When he tells you his stories, there will be a lot of expressions and sounds haha! When he chats away in the car, the car looks as if it's bouncing cos he can't stop his body from making all sorts of movements. He'll get carried away when he talks but there's only one thing that can stop him from talking too much; Ila's ability to change the topic out of the blue XDDDD

Not forgetting, when he laughs, people will throw weird looks at him. Unnecessary attention, I must say haha!

The advices he always gives are mostly echoed from Ila's advices. Usually he will say, 'macam Ila selalu cakap...' or 'Ila penah cakap...' XD

He always claims that he's more matured than us which I doubt about it haha!

It's a bit unfortunate that we can't celebrate his birthday though. Next year prolly XD

All the best with your err, work and have a blast this year. Hopefully this year will be better than the previous years of your life *what does that even mean? XD*

P/S: Ingatkan nak buat flash sikit, kasi lawa sikit post ni tapi tak terbuat lak haha!

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