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March 29, 2011

ICT Carnival

Last Saturday, I went to the ICT Carnival at the faculty which was organized by the master students who happen to be my course mates. The last time I was there was on 29th November last year (oh my god, I even remember the date XD).

To show some support for them, I went there and took part in the quiz. I teamed up with my sister for the quiz. The night before the quiz, she even took the trouble to study while I was dozing off already at that time. She said the prize was so tempting, so she was so motivated to study (tak penah tengok kau cam tu lah XD).

At first, I thought I only had to answer some questions but actually, we had to play a few mini games before answering the quiz. The word search was the only game we managed to finish in time. The other 3, well, it was quite funny. We were so close to finishing them but I guess we were too nervous or something, so we always missed the last part to finish the games off hahaha!

Still, it was quite fun. There weren't too many people present that day to the extent that the lucky draw had all numbers to be drawn for the second time! And yes, I was quite lucky that day, unlike other times. My number was drawn twice; something that doesn't happen on every other day in my life hahah!

*curi gamba fariz haha*

My friends won the 1st place while my sister and I settled as the runners-up, thanks to one of the organizers XD

After the event, we headed to grab something to eat (as always haha!) Since I've been trying to gather everyone for weeks but still no avail, so I decided to have the bills on me that day and the others for some other time. Although there were only like 5 of us, but it still felt like the old days. Oh how I miss those studying days (except when I failed my proposal and had to extend my studies, grrr~). Last week, one of us had this one idea to spend our weekends (sealed my lips on the matter for now). It was a good idea yeah. Looking forward to it very, very much XD That pretty much summed up my weekend last week. Next week? Who knows? XD

P/S: Found out my graduation day will be on Wednesday, EVENING! Gosh, I hate to take the trouble to apply a day off from work for that. Why didn't we get to have it on the weekend, like in the previous semester? Tough luck, I say ahaha everyone's been telling me to find fancy clothing for that day but I don't really understand the definition of 'fancy' in this context. Ah well


Puteri Lindungan Bulan said...

wiwitttt!!! hihi... =)

amal miau said...

nape suke sangat ni cik tikot haha!

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