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June 8, 2011

Movie Marathon

This post should be up a month ago but what the hey. I didn't feel like updating last month. Please don't ask me why haha!

On May 7 (yes, last month, see?), my friends and I went to see Fast Five and Thor consecutively. Luckily for me, the second movie started right away after the first one. So I got to watch both movies :D Which reminds me I need to pay back my friend for that day's expenses =_=

While I was on my way home, suddenly there was this very bad crawl at Sungai Rasau Toll. It was already late, the daddy at home nagged at the sister due to me not reaching home yet at 7 pm =_= It turned out there was a road block. It was chaos. Lucky for me, the daddy didn't say anything about it after I reached home :D

And on to the next adventure!

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