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April 26, 2011

In the Rain

When it comes to rain, a few things come to mind like sleeping, a wonderful time to snooze and curl up in your bed, cover yourself in the blankets; get wet, cos most of us don't really fancy bringing an umbrella here and there; cold, yeah, the weather that I enjoy the most cos there's no winter here and I hate to be in the hot weather. But I like hot guys HAHA! Anyyywayyy, most of us love to be indoors rather than outdoors in the rainy season.

Bearing in mind that it always rains in the evening, I came up with an idea to have a picnic cos I hadn't got the chance to hang out with the retards; all of them! Yes, all 8 of us made it! Yeay! But I forgot to ask my photographer to snap a pic of 8 of us. I don't want the photoshopped one, I want a real one! But ah well, missed it~

First, I made a list of what to bring for the picnic and then, assigned who to bring what. On Saturday, me and my mom looked up in her recipe book of what ingredients to buy for the menu. In the end, we were meddling with the recipe a bit. On Sunday morning, while I was busy cooking, suddenly I remembered that I didn't buy any button mushrooms. So, turned off the stove, started the engine and off to the nearby shop. There was this one car, I saw a toddler left with a kid like 8 or 9 years old maybe, alone in the car, while their father was in the shop. I was like 'Oi, taktau bahaye ke biar anak kau cam tu!?!'

It was almost 4, we gathered at the Dataran Shah Alam for the picnic. But there were signs that the rain was about to fall. So, we picked a good spot for the picnic; on a stage haha! While eating, it was raining heavily. The lightning struck here and there, with thunder screaming across a Sunday sky. The wind blew so strong that we had to hold our plates and cups tightly haha! Water dripping from the roof, fell on some of us that we had to scoot a bit. Filled up our tummy, then one of us came up with a crazy idea to go karaoke. But to go on with the idea was a completely waste of money cos we got an hour or so for it, so we changed plans to go bowling. I didn't know they canceled the plan and went straight back home. I didn't tell them that I wanted to come along and watch for a few mins before heading home. So, they didn't tell me the plan was canceled. Then, there I was waiting in the rain at Sek18 for the others to arrive. I called one of them, and she told me she was home already. HAHA! Embarrassing but hilarious.

The most important thing was it felt like the good old times. Eating together, laughing at and teasing each other, ahhh~ and now, one of us came up with the idea of oops, not gonna tell ya muahaha!

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