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March 24, 2012

Teha B-Day

2 surprise birthday celebrations in a week! This time, with the Speckies. We came up with the idea on Tuesday, plan on Wednesday, prepare on Thursday and execution on Friday :p

Alia offered to create the diversion by taking Teha out to dinner. I talked to Teha's mom into the plan that Farah and I would arrive at Teha's after I got off from work. Since it was on Friday, the traffic was quite heavy and as usual, I got stuck at the Sunway-LDP Interchange =__= I stopped by at Shah Alam first to buy the cake cos if I bought it after fetching Farah, the shop might be closed by that time :S I turned on my GPS, please lead me the way to Farah. On the Guthrie highway, again I got stuck in the traffic. The traffic light was green for like 8-10 cars only for the traffic coming from the main road. Strange.

Along the way, there were a lot of cars so I didn't have to worry about the darkness of the route. Since my GPS didn't have Farah's place, so I called her up and she gave excellent and clear directions on how to get to her place. 20 mins upon our arrival, Alia called that she had to bring Teha home as her parents have already called and said it was late and they needed to get home. Oh no, plan ruined, I thought! I dialled Alia's number but then I thought, 'hey, the plan is not ruined yet, Teha still doesn't know that we're on our way'. So I hung up and continued focusing on my driving. The place was really dark that I had to switch on the high beam =__=

And so, around 1030, we arrived at Teha's place. She screamed when she saw us coming in at the front door. I planned to torture her by hiding her present but since it was late, oh well. Her family had already served food, waiting for us to arrive T__T Simple but nice. Since it's hard for me to go out and about in the weekends, so that suffice for me.


So the next birthday will be in 5 weeks' time. Ample time to relax from planning all these surprises :p

P/S: Still waiting for Teha to upload piccies so that I can grab one and stick it up here. My camera ran out of battery after taking 2 pictures. I forgot to check the battery first! Grrrr

March 21, 2012

Fariz B-Day

Unlike Hemie and Hazique's, this time, we had to postpone this twice! The third time, we got lucky :p

-------------Plan 1------------

We contemplated to celebrate on the 8th, but suddenly, everyone was busy and couldn't make it. Even the celebrated guy had to work that night. So, this plan was cancelled. Well, at that point, we were still undecided where to go as we couldn't agree on the venue. But I dragged him to go for dinner along with Aini anyway that night~ and with a bit of luck, Hazique was around the same area. He came with Ila a bit later as she got off from work late that night. Surely that wasn't the celebration cos not all of us were there heheh

-------------Plan 2------------

It never crossed my mind to plan a surprise party as I remember Hazique once said, 'surely he already knows we're going to celebrate his birthday, so it's no longer a surprise'. And so, I told Fariz of the 2nd plan to celebrate. Ila asked why on earth did I tell him about it? I told her I could undone the damage. I thought maybe giving COD as an excuse would sound legit. Again, everyone was busy at work. We were still undecided where to celebrate. Fariz wasn't in town that day anyway. So, cancelled! *terasa macam nak tambah sound effect di situ*

-------------Plan 3------------

We kept changing venues as we had to consider some of us who are quite picky about their food, the place closed, another place sucks, and finally, we settled for Rasta TTDI. Ila said we need to have a cake but previous experiences taught us that the cakes were never got finished on the spot. And so, Ila came up with the idea of having Pavlova as the cake HAHAH

And so, on Sunday, before Liverpool vs Stoke kickoff, I kept myself busy in the kitchen. Mak said she wanted some, so I split it onto 2 trays. But the oven is quite small, I put the one for Mak at the bottom of the oven. I didn't know that the heat came straight from the bottom, 20 mins later, the smell of overburning flooded the air. Ah, there went Mak's part =__= So I had to whip up a new one. But the problem was Mak bought the whipping cream in a small carton. I had two big batches of them and that small carton was not enough. Previously, my sister rang me to ask whether I wanted some burgers or not. So I thought, maybe I could ask her to look for whipping cream at 7 Eleven. I called her, she was already on her way home! argghh! Mak said that was okay. She would buy another carton the next day, but not that I had the time to make some, unless on weekends.

I tried not to laugh cos I kept saying to myself, 'habis kena tipu mamat ni'. Since Hemie is a bit unfamiliar with routes to KL, I had to sketch her a map to Hazique's house. She got lost anyway hahah but she had her bestie with her as a co-pilot, but the worst part was she called me when I was in the carthat I had to tone down the speaker volume. Luckily, Zana was on the phone so I didn't have to mention Hemie's name at all. Aini got off from work a little early than usual, ah must be our night :p

Ila said that we should make it as a surprise. And so, with my good acting skills, I used the COD excuse and Fariz took the bait. But since it was in the weekdays, everyone was busy at work, the others couldn't make it on time that I had to come up with a way to buy some time for the others to be there on time. The plan was the others would be there at 9pm. But they got there around 10 =__= By that time, I've ran out of things to buy and ideas to stall into going to the crime scene and everything started to sound fishy.

Then, while on the way there, the others told me they were almost there. Oh this is good, I said to myself. I thought close enough, we would be there at the same time. But I got mixed up with the routes that we got lost! You see, there are two Rastas. We went around Damansara, called Naruto and Tamtam for directions. That already cut off the surprise. Ya la, surprised cos got lost! Actually, we got lost cos we got the wrong direction HAHAH The direction was from this end of highway while we were at the other side of the highway. Anywayyy, we managed to find the place. I ordered a mushroom cheddar burger, it tasted so-so. Maybe will try some other dish, next time :p

Well, Operation B-Day III was a success :D Next!

Specky Angelz Not-So-Specky-Anymore

Felt bad for the girls cos I didn't give a prompt reply on their plan for the picnic, but what can I do? T___T

Before leaving for the picnic, I had my breakfast with my family somewhere nearby. I put my bag under the seat in my mom's car cos I didn't feel like taking it. Hopping out of the car, I had my mom's baju kurung that I forgot to take the bag from under the seat! When I realised my bag wasn't with me, Mak was already halfway to Batu Tiga! ergh

Mak told me to come and fetch my bag at Khulafa cos my brother wanted to eat Roti Canai there. He said Khulafa has 'pinggan cantik' when it is only an ordinary tray for Roti Canai =__=

And so, I sprinted to the highway to Putrajaya cos I told the girls to go first. But I was there first, and the girls got lost =__= HAHAH at first, I waited for them at Taman Botani. But then, I was told that they wanted to have the picnic at Taman Wetlands. Cos the girls were lost, so I went all the way back to Taman Botani to fetch them and show them the way to Taman Wetlands. The place was quiet, too quiet to my liking (I heard weird sounds but I ignored them anyway). We picked a spot under a shady tree, but there were so many ants!

Anyway, the mastermind for the picnic was Teha but her plan lacked big time :p I was ordered to make and bring blueberry cheese tarts and the drinks for the picnic. Since I'm a big eater, she brought food that are like nuts to me =__= but I had a good time though. I hadn't had the chance of meeting Alia and Farah for a long time. We exchanged stories, reminisced the old days and even had our gossiping time :p But since Teha is such a photo freak, she asked to go to Taman Botani and we snapped a lot of piccies there. But I couldn't stay for long. Around 3 hours later, I drove back home. Here's the weird thing, I have never ever managed to get to the PLUS Highway on the way home. Usually I got lost either in SKVE, or LDP or Kajang Silk Highway. This time, I didn't realise I was lost until I saw the sign Seremban R&R 40+ km ahead. Eh I was heading South =__= Made a u-turn at Bangi exit, the road still looked very unfamiliar. The next thing I know, I was at Sungai Besi toll =__= *sungguh jauh tersasar* I tried to avoid Federal Highway especially at the LDP interchange but that was where I had to go anyway pfftt~

March 1, 2012

Save Our Yesterdays

It's 2012, and I still listen to this song.

I'm loving you tomorrow, loving you today and saving all our yesterdays
I'm letting all your sunshine bringing out the smile in me
I can take you out to Paris, fly away to Rome
*lepas tu takleh tangkap da apa dia nyanyi :p*

Wordless Wednesday: My Lab Rats :p