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April 24, 2012


On 15th April, I invited my relatives and besties to our house for a little feast. Not that I have anything to celebrate, just for fun :D My aunts asked me why didn't I throw this feast in May for my birthday? I told them it is weird if you're paying for your own birthday party; feel like a loser :p They teased me by saying I was going to celebrate for a new boyfriend HAHAH last time I checked, I'm still dateless at this age :p

Mak cooked the main course while I was busy with the desserts. I started before Mak, but I finished later than her. Oh yes, I even forgot to take out the last batch of cream puff from the oven. I only remembered them when I was going to turn on the oven a week later =__=

I think what I said to my mom has backfired to me; more like jinxed myself. I said to her that she likes to feed people. So everytime she brings food to school, she will say, 'yes, I like to feed people'. On one evening, while I was busy cooking, she said to me, 'I see you are becoming like me. You like to feed people'. I replied, 'Food is for eating. What else is it for?' *yeah, I'm good at diverting accusations*

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