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January 31, 2012

Trip to Kedah

Hi, long time no update, eh?

On Dec 16, I took the second half off from work to start the journey to Kedah with my family. We had a wedding invitation on the following day, so while we were there, we stayed at my uncle's house for the night. Since my lil bro was impressive in his exams *he's only 8, mind*, he demanded to stay at a hotel. And so, we spent the next day at the hotel. Why on earth did I have my alien friend with me?

She was crying on the phone, and I felt bad leaving her like that. So I took her along. She needed help with her Database assignment, so we stayed up all night *almost* to finish her assignments. She did other assignments, while I did the db one. It didn't stop there. I took a day off to finish it off but that's a different story :p

Then, the next day, Kak Cik's wedding! I didn't snap a piccie with her so I don't have anything to show off :p

P/S: Me and the retards planned to start our food adventure that weekend. I forgot that I didn't want to tell them that I couldn't go but I told them anyway. Hence, they cancelled it. Sorry :(

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