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January 31, 2012

Hemie B-Day

Aha we planned this like 2, 3 weeks ahead. Those weeks, our conversation was mostly about the birthday surprise :D Ila and I listed the menu and asked the retards to vote. Then, we started drafting out budget. During our lunch break, we went to Jalan TAR to buy kain as a birthday present. The patterns looked so tempting that we decided to buy the same pattern. Then, on Thursday, we went to the supermarket to do some groceries. That time, it felt as if we were roommates but there were guys among us, that sort of kept me in the line and killed that feeling hahah!

The next day, we bought the cupcakes cos we bought a cake 2 years ago, and there were leftovers. So we decided to buy cupcakes. But the cupcakes were too sweet to my liking. Hmm~ anyway, we bought 25 cupcakes in a box. Turned out we didn't finish them off anyway *sigh*

The real challenge was how to pry the victim to the crime scene :p at last, Naruto came up with an excellent idea on how Aini should persuade Hemie to Shah Alam. The white lie: Aini was so busy (that wasn't a lie) that she didn't have the time to buy a present so she asked Naruto to help her buy the present. So, they decided to hand over the present in Shah Alam.

Liked this shot cos of the green field, makes me wanna sing 'where the fields are green, to see you once...' oops sorry, got carried away a bit there :p

While waiting for Hemie cos they got lost, we decided to eat first. We waited like an hour and our tummy grumbled so much. Then, when they almost arrived, the rest of us stay hidden. After Hemie saw us, 15 minutes later, she couldn't stop pinching me. *terharu lettew~* After lunch and pray, we took some snaps and played frisbee. We still had a lot of money left to burn, so they decided to watch movie. But cos the movies were on in the most inappropriate time, so plan switched to bowling. Apparently, the money was more than enough that they decided to have dinner. I couldn't go :((((

The last time we had the chance to gather like that was in April. The picnic in the rain :p So it was fun to have everybody together like the old times again! :) On to the next birthday! Eh it's getting late. Tomorrow lah, okay? :D

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