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June 12, 2012

Mini Reunion

Was quite pissed at this but what the hey, we've tried :D It was supposed to be a reunion for 20+ people but only 5 showed up for the event. So we did the same thing like we did in PD for this reunion. Syikin brought along her family and boyfriend for that trip too.

Bagan Lalang Beach is quite far from the main roads that we had to delve in deep to unknown roads to get there. With the help of 2 navigators and Google Maps at the back, we managed to reach there around 11 pm.

Aini remembered that Hemie had longer for flying a kite. So we bought a kite to get Hemie feeling envious of us HAHAH we let Fariz and Naruto fly it. As the kite was flying high on the sky, suddenly the string broke and we lost the kite. Funny, after we bought it, Aini said maybe we could keep the kite for another trip. Ah well hahahah

I didn't take a dip in the sea that much though. I have this red alert that stopped me from diving. Besides, the beach didn't have the oomph like it was in PD :D We had our lunch at 3 pm at one of the stalls nearby. The hell, it was so expensive! *Ramai Seafood lagi murah u ols~* around 4, we started our journey home. A few minutes into the journey, the boys already dozed off at the back. Strange as we didn't play around much like we did in PD. My theory was prolly we all didn't sleep much the day before muehehehe

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