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October 30, 2012

Seeing is Believing Treasure Hunt

2 weeks after Jengka/Bukit Tinggi trip, once again I drove up to Pahang again. This time, for an event under our office, a treasure hunt I joined with Ecah, Mira and DD. We were among the last teams to arrive at the meeting point at TPM. It was like 7+ in the morning for God's sake.

And so, Team 12 started the journey. It was quite confusing at the first three tulips but since I'm pretty good with the roads and directions, I saw some other teams taking Genting exit but I didn't follow them cos I know they were wrong muehehehe DD took Bell's place cos she wasn't feeling well. So he was quite confused of his role as a navigator hahah

We were directed to Bentong exit, hunted for the answers to the questions and forgot which exit we took back to the highway. Halfway through the race, we needed to take on 2 mini games to score extra points as the games would be opened till 1 pm. We had to guess what and how many of them in a sack. So, me and Ecah counted on each end. We had missed a few though. Another mini games was that we had to hop on one leg and pick up a trash one by one. It was quite a funny sight though, especially Mira cos she was so small HAHAH Anyway, at the last stop, straightaway we stopped to buy snacks/drinks for another set of questions. The bought items would be donated to a foundation for people with sight problems in Kuantan (the name escaped me, sorry). We were given 9 hours to finish the race. We arrived at Swiss Garden with a few mins left on the clock heheh

Team 12 didn't win though but we had a good time and a nice experience. Next year, deffo will join another treasure hunt, if there's any heheh

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