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June 14, 2012

Fun Run 2012

In February, an email was broadcasted for Fun Run registration. Since last year I didn't get to run cos I missed the flag-off, this year is a must-enter for me HAHAH being a supportive employee and all :p Anyway, my colleagues and I signed up for it on the spot.

And so, the training started for me in April. Every evening on weekends, I would go for a round the lake whenever I had the chance. Sometimes, I went alone but most of the time, I brought along my sister, cousins and/or Teha. Strange thing, I would only lasted for a lap. A lap around the lake is only 1km+. The race was a 5km race, how could I last if I couldn't finish another lap? And the race was on the next weekend.

A few days before the race, we went to collect the race kit. The collection time started at 12pm but at 11.45, my colleagues and I already lined up for the collection. By 12, the queues had already lined up past the pantry door. Luckily, we went there early.

The night before the race day, I went out with the retards to what could be the most embarrassing thing; organising my own birthday party, along with Aini and Ila's, of course T___T I had a sleepover at Bell's house, so I reached her apartment when it was 15 to 1 in the morning. That was kind of a crazy thing to do; lack of sleep before race but what the hey :p

Woke up around 5.15 cos Bell couldn't stand my alarm bells *yeah, I set 2 alarms like always :p*, around 5.45, I was already geared up for the race wahahaha we reached Putrajaya around 7.30 but we didn't see any signs pointing to the race starting line. So we had to go round and round to find it. Luckily, we found the line at 8. The flag-off was at 8.15, so I didn't miss it this year :p

I pulled away from my colleagues and went ahead with Naily. We even got a shot in the gallery u ols~

Nampak pipi tembam tengah berlari2 HAHAH

We finished the race for almost an hour. I couldn't believe that I could run till the finish line as I thought I didn't have enough preparation for the race. But the most important thing is we finished the race wahahahah there were a lot of mini games but I didn't take part in any. Ecah and I wanted to try the bungee thingy but by the time we went to sign up, the queue would start after 1 pm. Ah well

Overall, it was a nice experience. I didn't have my breakfast before the race but I could run without much trouble. We had coupons for food and drinks but I didn't use them much. I wasn't hungry at that time, just thirsty. Maybe cos I had a wedding reception to attend later that evening, so I thought I could just eat there.

We stayed for the lucky draw but as expected, we weren't lucky enough :p The theme for the race was Run For A Reason; my reason was to run cos I missed it last year. How about yours? Deffo will participate again next year :D

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