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October 29, 2012

Jengka/Bukit Tinggi

Wassup, people? Sorry for being on a hiatus for too long. It's just that I haven't been feeling like typing much lately, lost motivation and all, but ah well. Here goes: June 16th, I drove up to Pahang for the first time, with Teha as a company to Matnor's wedding reception. Turned out I was the only one from my class to make it there, so called on behalf of the others *mehhh* hahah~

Since it was the first time I ever set foot in Jengka, so finding the venue was super bizarre. I didn't have any idea where to go, blindly going further and finally, found a stall to ask for directions. They told us that we should look out for a factory. But the factory was surrounded by tall trees that we missed it and we were already miles ahead. We found another factory but we went around the place but couldn't find a way to get there. Stopped and asked for directions again, we were told that we had missed it. Finally, we found the correct factory and were at dismay. Anyhoo, we went round and round for there were so many divisions (dunno what else to call them). We stopped again to ask directions at a small convenient shop, the dude knows the exact location. He showed the way and there we were finally :D

On the way back, my company was sound asleep and I pulled a 160 for a few mins. Saw the exit to Bukit Tinggi and dived straight in. Teha was so happy cos she always wanted to go there. We snapped some pics and enjoyed the scene. Strange it wasn't that cold as in Genting. I blame the haze in KL. Heh

Around 8pm, Mak asked if I wanted to come along to Hulu Langat. I thought, why not I stop by. So I brought Teha there. It was durian season. I'm not much of a durian fan but that night, I was on a roll. Usually, I would have one or two cos I can't stand the heat. Prolly cos we were deep in forest in a cold night, so eating durians wouldn't be much of a problem :p later, we helped Kak Eija with (late) Pajai's wedding invitation card to correct the printed date. It was a long and fun day/night :D

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