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March 24, 2012

Teha B-Day

2 surprise birthday celebrations in a week! This time, with the Speckies. We came up with the idea on Tuesday, plan on Wednesday, prepare on Thursday and execution on Friday :p

Alia offered to create the diversion by taking Teha out to dinner. I talked to Teha's mom into the plan that Farah and I would arrive at Teha's after I got off from work. Since it was on Friday, the traffic was quite heavy and as usual, I got stuck at the Sunway-LDP Interchange =__= I stopped by at Shah Alam first to buy the cake cos if I bought it after fetching Farah, the shop might be closed by that time :S I turned on my GPS, please lead me the way to Farah. On the Guthrie highway, again I got stuck in the traffic. The traffic light was green for like 8-10 cars only for the traffic coming from the main road. Strange.

Along the way, there were a lot of cars so I didn't have to worry about the darkness of the route. Since my GPS didn't have Farah's place, so I called her up and she gave excellent and clear directions on how to get to her place. 20 mins upon our arrival, Alia called that she had to bring Teha home as her parents have already called and said it was late and they needed to get home. Oh no, plan ruined, I thought! I dialled Alia's number but then I thought, 'hey, the plan is not ruined yet, Teha still doesn't know that we're on our way'. So I hung up and continued focusing on my driving. The place was really dark that I had to switch on the high beam =__=

And so, around 1030, we arrived at Teha's place. She screamed when she saw us coming in at the front door. I planned to torture her by hiding her present but since it was late, oh well. Her family had already served food, waiting for us to arrive T__T Simple but nice. Since it's hard for me to go out and about in the weekends, so that suffice for me.


So the next birthday will be in 5 weeks' time. Ample time to relax from planning all these surprises :p

P/S: Still waiting for Teha to upload piccies so that I can grab one and stick it up here. My camera ran out of battery after taking 2 pictures. I forgot to check the battery first! Grrrr

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