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June 12, 2012

PD Trip

Last Saturday(21/4/2012), we went on a trip to PD! Finally, I got to ride on the banana boat again! :D

The idea came up 4 days before the trip. While Fariz and I were walking towards the train station, he suddenly proposed the idea of having a trip there. And I have an allergy of hearing the PD word cos I wanted to ride on the banana boat so bad! It is so addictive and I feel like riding it again :p

And so, on Thursday, Aini, Fariz and I went to the groceries to buy food for the trip. Well, there would only be like 5 of us so we didn't have to buy much. Hemie would prepare spaghetti while I made some cheese tarts for the trip.

Then, came Saturday. Apparently, Ayah forgot that I was going for the trip on that day. He said that I need to sign some papers for my car. That time, my heart was like patah seribu! Why now ~,~ but I kept calm and asked what time I should go for the agreement signing. He said around 10. Oh no! We planned to go at 9. At 6 something in the morning, I called the driver to explain the situation and we shifted the time to go right after I have sign those papers.

The seller was 30 - 40 minutes late! I was restless, but kept calm in front of Ayah hahah when the seller came, we saw him wearing a Man Utd shirt that Ayah thought to give him a good grief on that but he let it pass =__= anyway, papers signed and my car was on my way! But first things first, PD! Yeayyyy!

We went for lunch first before taking a dip in the sea. Then, the clouds were crying down on Earth. That didn't dampen our spirits bwahahaha *semangat habis* Sadly, what Fariz and I ordered went amiss by the cook that we cancelled our order. We went to pray after lunch and got changed. We put all of our valuables in a bag and one of us took turns to carry the bag. My phone screen got some pretty bad scratches cos of the friction with the beach sand =__= and now the bag is like half purple, half white cos of the salty water hahah I was told to wash it off but I thought it was just salty water. Besides, let it be a reminder of that day :p

We tried to persuade Aini to get on that boat but since she's hydrophobic, so she stayed by the beach with the bag. We went on board with 2 crazy tourists. They kept on screaming something tangible at times, all the time *that's quite confusing*. Anyway, before the boat took the sharp turn, they already dived into the sea. But we still stayed put on the boat. The turn wasn't as sharp as the first time I rode it. I pity Hemie though, cos she was struggling to get to the shore. I helped her out, but at that time I felt there were like 3 hands holding on to my left arm. It was creepy but I said nothing. *kata orang, jangan tegur*

After all that, the hungry tummy started drumming; we opened the packed food and dug in. At that time, I felt like cracking the joke 'Didn't your mom tell you not to swim after you eat?' but I don't think they'll get the joke heheh that was a line from It Takes Two movie *my family's fav* While I was sitting with my back towards the beach, I saw a cat on a plank scratching on the end of it. Came 2 kids, jumping up and down on the other end of the plank. The cat's claws were still stuck on the plank that it went jumping with the plank. It was such a funny sight HAHAH

We cleaned up ourselves, and packed our things, ready to go home. I reached home around 9 pm. Luckily, my house was filled with my aunties and cousins that time. So I didn't get any stick for that :p

It was fun! Can we do it again? :p

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