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March 21, 2012

Specky Angelz Not-So-Specky-Anymore

Felt bad for the girls cos I didn't give a prompt reply on their plan for the picnic, but what can I do? T___T

Before leaving for the picnic, I had my breakfast with my family somewhere nearby. I put my bag under the seat in my mom's car cos I didn't feel like taking it. Hopping out of the car, I had my mom's baju kurung that I forgot to take the bag from under the seat! When I realised my bag wasn't with me, Mak was already halfway to Batu Tiga! ergh

Mak told me to come and fetch my bag at Khulafa cos my brother wanted to eat Roti Canai there. He said Khulafa has 'pinggan cantik' when it is only an ordinary tray for Roti Canai =__=

And so, I sprinted to the highway to Putrajaya cos I told the girls to go first. But I was there first, and the girls got lost =__= HAHAH at first, I waited for them at Taman Botani. But then, I was told that they wanted to have the picnic at Taman Wetlands. Cos the girls were lost, so I went all the way back to Taman Botani to fetch them and show them the way to Taman Wetlands. The place was quiet, too quiet to my liking (I heard weird sounds but I ignored them anyway). We picked a spot under a shady tree, but there were so many ants!

Anyway, the mastermind for the picnic was Teha but her plan lacked big time :p I was ordered to make and bring blueberry cheese tarts and the drinks for the picnic. Since I'm a big eater, she brought food that are like nuts to me =__= but I had a good time though. I hadn't had the chance of meeting Alia and Farah for a long time. We exchanged stories, reminisced the old days and even had our gossiping time :p But since Teha is such a photo freak, she asked to go to Taman Botani and we snapped a lot of piccies there. But I couldn't stay for long. Around 3 hours later, I drove back home. Here's the weird thing, I have never ever managed to get to the PLUS Highway on the way home. Usually I got lost either in SKVE, or LDP or Kajang Silk Highway. This time, I didn't realise I was lost until I saw the sign Seremban R&R 40+ km ahead. Eh I was heading South =__= Made a u-turn at Bangi exit, the road still looked very unfamiliar. The next thing I know, I was at Sungai Besi toll =__= *sungguh jauh tersasar* I tried to avoid Federal Highway especially at the LDP interchange but that was where I had to go anyway pfftt~

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