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January 31, 2012

Hazique B-Day

This one was a quite last minute plan. Prolly cos we had the long weekend that we didn't get to have that much time to plan. The plan was carved out by Ila, while the others just followed the plan hahah initially, the plan was to hide in Ila's house and made the birthday dude jump but we thought better to have it outside. Then, switched Ila's house with Alamanda. The whacky couple would go for a walk and bumped into us one by one. But out of nowhere came the idea to have the party at Taman Botani. So Ila managed to persuade Hazique to go there :D

We didn't know what to buy as a birthday present so we went for the usual option; a T-shirt. To be on the safe side, we brought Fariz along to advice us on the right size. *lepas tu berebut nak beli kaler ape hahah!*

I was assigned to buy pizza and drinks and to be the driver for Naruto and Aini. Cos it was a surprise, there was a slight difficulty to take the victim to the crime scene. But that was okay, cos like before, we ate first before the celebrated one arrived HAHAH Ila was a bit jumpy cos she wasn't confident to execute the surprise plan alone cos for Hemie's party, we had Aini to assist us by giving warnings and signals since she was with Hemie at that time plus we had it at a familiar place. Hence, a few minutes before the surprise, she told Hazique that they should've made a move cos we've been expecting them HAHAH

bersepah2 :p

After all the fun, I had a good beating about it. But hey, it was worth it cos not every weekend we get to gather like that :)

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