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October 31, 2012

Mak's Present

'Korang ni, kumpul la duit, belikan netbook sebijik untuk Mak', she kept saying this for a few times in the past year. So, I contemplated to ask the other 2 siblings to hand me at most RM100 each HAHAH and I'll cover the rest.

I bought it a day after her birthday though. After (late) Pajai's wedding, I went to the office for a while and withdrawn some money. Picked up Fariz at his house and met Aini and Naruto at Lowyat. So we went around and finally, I chose the one in the first shop. Strange that whenever I went for a quick survey, I would most probably end up at the first shop. And by some chance, Naruto bought a new phone for himself, much to Aini's dismay. We blame Fariz for the irresistible temptation HAHAH

Ayah called me up to ask whether I wanted to come along to Achik's house. I haven't met her since March last year hmm anyway, I said no and drove those kids back to their house. I took the wrong exit, to Maju Expressway we went. I thought, 'ah that's okay, still can reach Fariz's house'. Since the guy himself wasn't familiar with MEX, so we ended up missing the exit and found ourselves on the way to Putrajaya. So we stopped to pray and continued finding our way out of Putrajaya. I was getting frustrated and I missed another exit. We were so hungry, and so we decided to have 'mi tarik' for dinner. I went around Kajang, got cramps on my right foot halfway through, and finally, we made it! HAHAH 2 hours just to get out of there =__=

Dropped Aini and Naruto home on the way home, it's quite convenient to live the furthest among the lot cos they don't have to worry about me sending them home. Reached home, and started to draft out the clues and where to hide them. We always have this mini treasure hunt just for the fun of torturing the birthday person HAHAH it was almost 10 pm, it's almost Mak's bedtime. I went up to her bed, had a little chat. Then, I handed a piece of paper to her. She understood and grumbled that she wanted to sleep. She went to hunt for it anyway eheheh I told her that she would surely no longer feel sleepy after she found the present. Yes, I was right :p

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