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June 12, 2012

3 Stooges kau panggil kitorang =__=

Early in May, I contemplated a plan with Hazique for a birtday celebration for Aini and Ila. Since I pretty much already got the hang of planning these retards' birthdays before, I already had it planned on how to break the news to both of them. But Ila accidentally found out about it. Luckily, Hazique explained to her that it was for Aini HAHAH so the secret was still safe. I told Aini that we were going to celebrate Ila's birthday. She was quite pissed asked what about me. I couldn't remember what I replied to her though cos it was a lie :p

So after work one night, initially I planned to search for their presents at One Utama. But the exit was blocked that I couldn't take the turn. I thought that we were good, we just have to take u-turn at my old office area. But the roads there have changed the last time we've been there that we missed the exit =__= I knew there is a toll ahead and God knows where to take u-turn past the toll. Then, we missed another exit!!!! That time, I just drove straight ahead and thought maybe we could go and search in Wangsa Maju *that far =__=* then, Fariz gave a suggestion to go to Uptown what-was-its-name-again. And Google Maps fooled us both for the second time. The place which supposed to be the location of the Uptown, had nothing. So I just drove along the road, thinking 'where on earth am I', and we found Festival City. So we hunted for the presents and had our dinner there.

For the Bagan Lalang trip, I took the presents up to my room cos I knew for sure Aini would saw them. I was right though heheh I made a reservation at That Little Gerai for 10 of us (8 made it there). Presents, check. Venue, check. What about a cake? I asked Hazique, he said no need to buy a cake. The food there would be enough. He kept on insisting that there would be no need of buying a cake, so I decided to drop the subject.

That night, Naruto told Aini that he couldn't make it t the celebration. I thought he was joking around with her but he wasn't. So, I started my engine and sped off to Shah Alam to fetch him and send him to Hazique's house. This would avoid messing up the surprise muehehehe *sorry sebab tipu Aini ehe* she was busy with her work and I told her that I wanted to go to Amcorp Mall :p After sending Naruto off, I went back to the office for Aini. The traffic was bad towards Cheras that I thought of taking the Kepong Highway. Big mistake. It was so far! Around 1030, we reached the venue even though we got a bit lost. Aini wasn't used to navigate using Google and I'm not familiar of that area pfftt~

The others were there by that time we arrived. We browsed through the menu and placed our order. While we were eating, I kept giving Hazique the signal to pop up the surprise. Then, I heard him talking to Fariz very awkwardly *I have known these two for years, I can tell :p* The guys wanted to go to the car. In my head, 'that is not part of a plan. What are the guys playing at?' but I kept on eating anyway. Then, they appeared with a cake with 3 names on it HAHAH while I was busy planning for Aini and Ila; Fariz, Hazique and Hemie planned another surprise behind my back HAHAH no wonder Fariz kept mentioning about me buying a present for myself. The day before we went to buy cards for the girls, and I swore I saw him paying for something but I minded my own business that I didn't bother to ask him anything about it. But he denied that was for me anyway, so who knows? The guys kept teasing me, saying I'm a loser for planning my own birthday celebration =__= I got 2 presents from them; a shirt and a shawl. And of course, a card :p Feel like hugging all of them at that time *ya, don't mind hugging the guys also :p*

Picture courtesy of Hazique
At midnight, Bell texted me, asking where I was. I was supposed to sleep over at her house for the Fun Run on the next day. So I sent Aini and Naruto home first, and around 1245, I reached Bell's apartment. I forgot to ask her which one is her block. That time, she, Khai and Huda were already dozed off. I kept calling them but no answer. Luckily, Bell woke up and answered the call heheh

Next, Fun Run!

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