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January 31, 2012

The Tug-of-War Vacay

The vacation was planned 2 weeks before January 1st. Mak already booked the rooms, and looked like we were good to go. Suddenly, Ayah couldn't stop coughing day and night. Mak wanted to cancel the reservation, but she couldn't. She had to pay if she were to cancel it. So, we went to PD anyway despite Ayah's coughing. The day before the trip, I took my one of my cousins and my lil bro to Wet World.

They share the same age, hence they get along

So at the hotel, I was beaming cos finally, I thought I could ride the banana boat again. How disappointed I was after I learned that the hotel was like on water, so no beach which means no banana boat! :( So Mak bought us decent swimsuits so that we could take a dip with the lil bro. 3 days of sunbathing. Great!

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