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December 30, 2010

Press Play

I've been longing to learn how to play piano. But sadly, I can't read the music notes argh my sister had taught me several times before about the middle C but somehow, I can't seem to remember it duhhh~

Now that I've found some sheet music for Westlife songs, my hands feel like touching the piano haha! But still, I can't read those weird symbols :(

I can play Starlight, sung by Muse and also the birthday song *if you're lucky, I may call you to sing happy birthday on your birthday :p* cos my sister already scribbled down the keys. So all I have to do is adjust the paper strip that contains the keys on the piano cos I still don't know which keys yet grrr~ basically, I know nothing but pressing the keys. Anybody can do that, I guess haha!

Looks like I need to rely on Google for the time being *sigh*


Aiza Aidid said...

oh, nnt kte bg smtg useful kat amal. so senang nk maen..hehe ;D

amal miau said...

yeay! ade lifesaver akhirnye XD

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. nnt kte email pe yg ptt kat amal. phm ke x, xtaw le.. hehe ;D

amal miau said...

takpe. usaha itu penting ehe :D

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