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December 20, 2010

another day with the girls

Like I've mentioned in the previous post, I decided to join the girls yesterday. Around 9.30 am, started my engine and took off from home. The girls were cycling when I arrived there. Surprisingly, I managed to get there without a help from a map. Prolly cos I've been there before. But that's a different story. Anyway, the place is quite nice. The girls even suggested me to get married there XD simply cos there was like a wedding going on. I didn't get to see the rest of the place though; well the main objective is to meet the girls anyway, so all is good :D

We sat by the road to take a break; not far from us, there was a perfect spot for a picnic. It was like Dataran Shah Alam but the difference is there is a lake by the area. So it's a lil bit breezy there compared to the one in Shah Alam. Then, they came up with the idea to go for a picnic next time. *bile pulak next time ni? XD*

We didn't take much piccies though; prolly too busy enjoying the morning breeze haha!

We had our lunch at Alamanda. I was shocked when there were a lot of vacant parking lots at 1130 am. Usually, it's freaking hard to find one around that time, at other places I mean. We grabbed our lunch, then we made a move to some place god-knows-where-Hemie-took-us-to. Cos Aini and I haven't been singing our hearts out for quite sometime, so we headed to the karaoke box heheh on the way there, the girls searched for a shawl for me. Since I suck at matching colours and everything when it comes to fashion, so they did the picking for me haha! So now, I have prepared myself for this Friday although I'm yet to take my test; it's on this Tuesday urgh I need to study tonight then :p

Then, around 3.30 pm, I bade them farewell. As we waved at each other, I said 'See you girls in 5 months' time'. God, 5 months!?! Quite a long time, I must say. Then, they said, don't worry. Prolly we're gonna see each other sooner than that. I hope so :D

But on my way back, for the second time, I was lost. But luckily, I was lost in the same place when I went there for the first time *although I wasn't the one who was driving at that time haha!*. I kept driving until I reached the familiar roads heading to my former internship office. I wasted half an hour trying to get there duhhh wonder how to reach the shortest way to the PLUS highway from there anyway. Well, that sums up my Sunday. How about yours? :D

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