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December 20, 2010

a plan

Well, it's just a plan. Not necessarily will be carried out though XD

I've planned to do a lot of things after the Infosys training ends. Just to kill the time while I'm unemployed heheh

1. Learn how to cook

I can't cook even to save my life. I keep forgetting what to put inside and how much to put urgh my parents kept bugging me about how I suck at cooking haha! *it's not like I'm gonna get married soon la aiyoo~* But I'm better at baking though. You just have to follow the recipe and measure the ingredients precisely XD

2. Make some chocolates

A few weeks ago, Hemie asked me to find her a recipe on how to make chocolates cos she wanted to make chocolates made with love for her boyfriend hahahah! I thought, hey why don't I give it a try? A nice homemade chocolate just for me :p

3. Cupcakes

I've seen a lot of cute cupcakes on the net. Like always, I'm tempted to try to make some haha! I like what they always put on top of the cupcakes, cute patterns and all. Usually, what I imagined will not turn out to be the end product haha!

4. Cut my hair

It's been a year since I've had my hair cut. Before submitting my final year project, I told myself that I would cut my hair if I managed to pass the subject. I did it! So, need to visit the hair dresser. Oh, for the Muslim girls out there, X-Cut in Tesco Shah Alam is the perfect place to get your hair cut. They provide a special area for girls who wear tudung to cut their hair.

5. Brush up some skills

I need to brush up on my programming, cos I only know the basics of most languages I've learnt. Before I apply to any jobs, I want to prepare myself so that I'm not gonna be clueless especially after diving straight in the IT field without the basics after matriculation.

Think I should keep the list short so that I can manage to accomplish them all :D

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