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December 17, 2010


Thursday last week, after huffing and puffing from morning till evening in class *as if i ran the whole day XD*, I fetched my siblings cos my sis had to go to the KL Motorshow since she had to capture some piccies for her assignment. At first, when my sis asked me to take her there, I thought my dad would deffo say no. But surprisingly, he told me to take her there. In fact, take all my siblings as a practice for the future. *sigh* I'm not gonna get married in the near future, dad. I think you know why XD Anyway, after class, fetched those kids and took a train there.

Well, since I was exhausted that time, I didn't take many pics there. So this was my best shot for the day XD

About 930pm, my sis was done taking photos. But the train was 30++ mins late! I was prolly too tired that I took no notice the train we were on was heading to Seremban. haha! When we reached KL Sentral, I waited for the announcement from the train driver (?). But the driver only announced the destination but didn't mention anything about where the train was heading to. When we reached Midvalley, I told the kids to get off from that train cos we were in the wrong train. Oh my, I'm the only one who always gone to KL by train. And yet, I still boarded the wrong train as if it was my first time XD

We waited at KL Sentral for the right train. On the way back, I didn't get a seat so I stood beside my lil bro's seat. He was sleeping already. I held his head so that he didn't move much. On my left, there was a foreigner and his friend/wife/sister was sitting two seats away from me. There was a man who was sitting next to her. I noticed the foreigner dude kept leaving his seat and stood beside his company. Then, a lady got off from the train and the foreign lady changed her seat. Suddenly, the foreigner dude was staring hard at the man who sitting next to his companion earlier. Then, the man asked the dude what was his problem. The dude asked back what did the man do. Then, the dude swung his backpack in front of the man's face. The man was holding back his anger; it was visible on his face. As the dude turned away, he mumbled that he only stared at the lady, nothing serious about it in Nogori dialect.

My heart was pounding fast; I screamed inside of me 'oi ade budak kecik la kat sini, takyah la nak gado kot'. Ah, a few stations left. After we were heading out toward the Putra station, my lil bro said that he was hungry. So, I made a stop to buy some food. It was 10 to midnight. Oh dear, 5 more mins to reach home. Then, my phone rang. My bro answered it for me; I already knew who was on the phone. My dad asked my bro how far KL from home, 3 hours!?! I feel offended by that statement, as if I was the one who wanted to go there. *not in the ranting mood right now*

2 days later, one of my best friends asked me to catch a movie with her. Good thing with her is that everytime she wants to ask me out, she will ask my dad first the day before herself haha! So that day, we watched Narnia cos I already bought the tix a day before. Luckily we bought it early, when we got there, it was already sold out! Pheww~

Now, I've been fickle as to whether to join another group of besties this Sunday or not. At first, the thought of another war of words with my dad stopped me from going. But today, a guy who already has a girlfriend asked me out. I was furious about it, but I didn't scream at him though. I thought I rather go and join the girls this Sunday then going with you haha! Suddenly, I felt like going to see them. The chance to meet them doesn't come by much after we've finished our studies.

I wanted to put more pics but all of a sudden, I can't seem to upload anything duhhh I guess that's it for now. Toodles~

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